Pandas Like a Boss – Ep.5: How to Make Your Code Base More Efficient

Author: Andrea Giussani, Data Scientist at Cloud Academy

***Participants are strongly encouraged to download the needed data from the following Github repo and SET UP THE ENVIRONMENT PRIOR TO THE START OF THE WEBINAR***:

Are you interested in gaining key insights in data management and manipulation using Python and Pandas? Then you’re in the right place!

In this five-part series, our Data Scientist Andrea Giussani will guide you through the world of data, tackling a different aspect in each episode. This fifth and last episode will dive into how to make your code base more efficient with Pandas. Join us to learn more about the eval, iterrows vs itertuples, and apply methods. This session is going to be great! If you are enjoying the series, sign up for episode number five. 

Don’t miss out — watch this webinar on demand to learn how to Pandas like a boss!

Participants are strongly encouraged to download the needed data from the following Github repo. Make sure to star our GitHub repo if you are finding it useful and practical for the attendance of the webinar.

You can follow along with the webinar by using either your favorite local Python or Google Colab environment. For more details, please check the readme on the aforementioned Github repo. If you missed the previous episodes, you can view them here:
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