AWS SysOps Certification Preparation: New Cloud Academy Course

In the world of Cloud Computing, it’s no secret that AWS dominates. And in the world of AWS certifications, my suspicion is that the Solutions Architect associate level probably attracts most of the community’s attention.

But the Internet does not run on solutions alone. AWS, having created the SysOps certifications, is obviously of the opinion that we also need SysOps administrators. However, since there is so much overlap between the two certifications, what might not be immediately self-evident is the precise difference between them.

What’s the difference between a Solutions Architect and a SysOps Administrator?

A Solutions Architect is expected to fully understand all the core AWS services and their appropriate use cases. In other words, he or she is focused on design.

The SysOps administrator must also understand how AWS services work but is primarily interested in deploying and managing them in real-world projects.

Either way, Cloud Academy has got you covered. The three courses of our Solutions Architect Associate level certification preparation series are an excellent way to prepare for the Solutions Architect exam, but they are also perfect for making sure that you’ve got all the basic skills and knowledge you’ll need for a career in SysOps. And once you feel you’re rock solid in the features department, you’ll be ready to tackle SysOps through our brand new AWS SysOps certification prep course – part of our AWS SysOps Administrator Certification Learning Path.

Let Cloud Academy’s AWS Lead Stuart Scott guide you through an imaginary but realistic scenario that closely reflects many real-world pressures and demands. You’ll learn to leverage Amazon’s elasticity to effectively and reliably respond to a quickly changing business environment.

Get ready to deploy and manage full production operations on AWS. Take Cloud Academy’s new SysOps course!

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