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Cloud Academy Sponsors AWS Summit – Sydney, 2017

We are proud of our partnership with Amazon Web Services and today, we are thrilled to share that we will be one of the sponsors at next week’s AWS Summit Sydney, April 5-6, 2017. In addition, we are also sponsoring the AWS Partner Summit on April 4, 2017.

We will be at booth S20, please come and see us. We’d love to walk you through a quick demo of our continuous learning platform. We will be giving away 10 free Professional Accounts, and everyone who stops by will be entered to win. Also, one lucky organization will win a free Team Account, good for up to 10 people. Again, stop by booth S20.

If you aren’t able to attend, fear not, we are sponsoring AWS Summit Auckland on May 31, AWS Summit Public Sector Summit in Washington D.C. from June 12-14, and AWS Summit London on June 28. Our additional North American sponsorships will be announced shortly. However, if you can’t come to visit us in person, but you’re intrigued and you need some training, or your team does, sign up for a free trial: Individual or Team.

The Updates & Features Keep Coming

A little bit more about why we are sponsoring AWS Summit Sydney…As you know, around the world, cloud computing is now the foundation on which Fortune 500 companies and SMBs run their businesses. The latest State of the Cloud Report from RightScale found that 95% of respondents are using the cloud. Now, AWS is shipping features super fast. Last year they shipped about 1,000 updates and features, which was twice what they rolled out in 2015. At this rate, we can expect 2017 to grow exponentially with up to 2,000 updates and feature rollouts. Keep in mind, AWS is not only shipping new products but also changing their current main features as well.

The Value of Continuous Learning

AWS is evolving faster than ever and delivering new features at a breakneck pace. As a result, companies need to be able to adapt their systems quickly to best leverage all of the improvements and make the most out of their partnerships and investments, not to mention stay ahead of their competition. Consequently, your teams should have the most up-to-date and easily accessible training so that they can stay leveled-up, informed, and able to use all of the new tools and features, across all the areas (storage, networking, compute, API, serverless, etc.).

Having your entire organization aligned on the new features, with the skills to master them, gives your company development and production process speed. This is where Cloud Academy comes in; we are first in class with continuous learning. Our content will meet you where, you need to be. In addition to AWS, we also have training for your peripherals: DevOps, Serverless, and all the other technologies running in your technology stack, which is constantly changing, too.

New AWS Training Content

To support our continuous learning model, and you and your company’s needs, we’ve recently published the following AWS courses, learning paths, and labs:

COURSE: AWS CloudTrail, An Introduction
Any information that helps to secure your cloud infrastructure is of significant use to security engineers and architects. With AWS CloudTrail, you have the ability to capture all AWS API calls made by users and services.

Whenever an API request is made within your environment, AWS CloudTrail can track that request with a host of metadata and record it in a log which is then sent to AWS S3 for storage. This allows you to view historical data of your API calls.
Having this information has some uses from a security and day to day operational perspective, but it also allows for additional compliance and when it comes to specific security governance controls. Having an audited trail of requests that can be tracked back to a user or service, and even the IP address used helps to maintain your required compliance levels.

LAB: Introduction to Step Functions
AWS Step Functions is a web service that enables you to coordinate the components of distributed applications and microservices using visual workflows. Step Functions manages the operations and underlying infrastructure for you to ensure that your application is available at any scale.

In this lab, we show what AWS Step Functions is and the problems that it is best suited to solve. At the end of this lab, you’ll create a solution that combines AWS Lambda and Step Functions for a fictitious gaming application.
LEARNING PATH: Getting Starting with Serverless Computing

The Getting Started With Serverless Computing learning path provides a practical introduction to the world of serverless computing.

First we start with an overview of what serverless computing is and how it can be used in modern application design. Next, we learn how to create RESTful application interfaces and to create simple serverless functions using the AWS Lambda service. Then we walk through creating an API Gateway endpoint, a Lambda function using mock data and then a Lambda function to query, and return data from our API gateway.

The learning path includes a mix of courses with hands-on labs to help you fully understand the concepts of serverless computing and learn the hands-on aspects of building serverless solutions.
We are going to do a LOT of labs in this learning path!

Visit Booth S20!
Andrew LarkinThough we will be manning our booth (S20, come and see us!) for much of the Summit, we do plan to attend keynotes and sessions when we can. Our AWS lead content creator, Andrew (Larky) Larkin is no stranger to this fantastic event and is eager to share our latest content and user research with you. Having shown at the Summit previously, Larky is especially looking forward to representing the Cloud Academy platform. In his experience, he can confidently represent and speak to Cloud Academy’s AWS training content. He can’t wait to show you a demo and talk about all things AWS.

Alex FasanLarky will be joined by Alessandro (Alex) Fasan, Cloud Academy’s Head of Global Sales. Not to fear, Alex won’t bring it on hot and heavy, though we do need sales to keep the lights on so our engineers can tinker away to bring you the best product possible. Alex is on board to show you around the platform, and sincerely talk with you to learn what your company needs most to meet your goals and create the best-trained teams possible.


Stefano BellasioTo round it out, our awesome team will be led by our CEO and Founder, Stefano Bellasio. Meet the master and the driver behind much of what makes Cloud Academy. Like Larky and Alex, Stefano can show you around the platform and wants to learn what you and your organization need most. In addition, and if you have time, Stefano can explain what makes us unique, not just because we’re the only training sponsor at AWS Summit Sydney but as a training solution in general. There’s nothing secret to our sauce; it’s just that as a training solution we focus on one sauce, cloud computing, even though our technology could lend itself to most online training disciplines and needs. But to be very good at something, the best, you need to concentrate and serve a market with constant focus. Cloud Academy aims to be the go-to training solution for anyone’s cloud computing training requirements, individuals, students, teams, and enterprise.

Did We Mention We’re Giving Away Stuff?

As we mentioned before, everyone who stops by will be entered to win 1 of 10 Professional Accounts. Also, one lucky organization will win a free Team Account, good for up to 10 people. So, stop by booth S20. If you can’t come to visit us in person, and you need some training, or your team does, sign up for a free trial: Individual or Team.

Check Back In
We’ll be writing a recap of AWS Summit Sydney and should post it as soon as possible after the close of the event. You can follow our live updates on Twitter @CloudAcademy or @StefanoBellasio, #AWSsummit. You can also follow AWS @AWSCloudANZ. Larky and Alex will also post regular updates on LinkedIn, which will be shared through the Cloud Academy LinkedIn company page.

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Cloud Academy Team

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