Cloud security, evaluating cloud platforms, and more with Cloud Academy’s Stuart Scott

On the Cloud Academy community, we love getting questions from our users. Security, the importance of certifications, and the how and why of cloud migration are just some of the topics that are top of mind with users when it comes to cloud computing.

I recently had a chance to chat with Stuart Scott, a security expert and AWS trainer here at Cloud Academy, to cover some of the most recent topics discussed in our community. Listen to my conversation with Stuart where we talk about:

  • What cloud computing might look like in 20 years
  • How companies like, Evernote, and Spotify migrated to the cloud and why multi-cloud solutions are increasingly the norm
  • How to evaluate which cloud platform is right for you
  • Security in the cloud: Why it holds companies back from cloud migration and why understanding the boundaries of where a vendor’s security solution stops and yours starts is key
  • Certifications, and how you can leverage them for your career
  • Why he likes the Serverless framework

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Stuart has more than two decades of experience in the IT industry. At Cloud Academy, Stuart has taught more than 15,000 students and is the author of The Complete Guide to AWS Security for Developers and Sysadmins eBook and many courses on the business impact of cloud migration, AWS security, and other cloud topics. He was recognized as the 2015 Expert of the Year from Experts Exchange for sharing his knowledge within the cloud services community.

Show Notes: Links to articles, events, and other topics mentioned in the conversation

The Complete Guide to AWS Security for Developers and Sysadmins

The complete guide to AWS Security for Developers and Sysadmins
Poor security within the public cloud can lead to attacks and loss of data, both of which are detrimental to your business. As more organizations implement the cloud, having an understanding of the security of that architecture is essential.
AWS security best practices begin with the AWS Shared Responsibility Model that dictates which security controls are AWS’s responsibility, and which are yours (the user). This model lies at the very foundation of AWS Security.
In this eBook, we cover those essential elements of security within AWS. We go in detail on security at the Instance and Network level, and you will learn about Identity & Access Management (IAM), one of the key security services within AWS. You will also learn about Federated Access and AWS Trusted Advisor, and we’ll show you how to keep your financial information safe with AWS Billing Controls. Finally, we’ll introduce you to the security elements of S3 that you can choose to deploy based on your data requirements.

Stuart’s eBook, The Complete Guide to AWS Security for Developers and Sysadmins is available for download at Cloud Academy.

You can read more from Stuart in his posts about AWS Security and other topics on the Cloud Academy blog.

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