Customize Training Plans in Content Engine

Training Plans are an integral part of the training process, offering structured learning for organizations during a busy workday. Since launching last year, our data shows that organizations on Training Plans see a 320% increase in engagement, which includes consumption of Learning Paths, Hands-on Labs, Quizzes, and Exams.

In the past, when Managers wanted to launch a Training Cycle, they selected pre-built Training Plans. However, if a Manager wanted to customize a Training Plan to fit the needs of an upcoming project or to align to a new role, they would have been out of luck.

Today it’s possible with Content Engine. We’ve now made it possible for Managers to customize existing Cloud Academy Training Plans and assign them in their next Training Cycle.

Watch the video to see what’s possible:


Creating a Custom Training Plan is simple. All you need to do is:

1. Clone an existing Training Plan or start from scratch 

CE for Training Plans - Clone Existing

2. Add or remove Learning Paths and Exams 

Add LPs

3. Publish the Training Plan and make it assignable to teams 

Assign in Training Cycle

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