Data Management on Google Cloud Platform: a Brand New Course Now Available

Quite a hot week this week at Cloud Academy for data management! We just published a brand new course about Data Management on Google Cloud Platform, quite a nice companion for the Getting Started with Google Compute Engine course that we published days ago. Adding Intro to GCP too to the mix, here it is quite a nice overview of the whole Google Cloud Platform and of its most important services.

More specifically to this new course, I really liked it. Our instructor David Clinton did a really good job in introducing all the services that Google has available for Data Management. They are not as wide and broad as theirs AWS counterpart, but they are quite good and as we have seen in our GCP vs AWS comparison yesterday, Google has a lot to say about creating interesting and valuable products.

Immediately after the first introductory lecture, that is a nice overview of the whole course, we go straight to the point with a lecture about Cloud Storage, the object storage service by Google, a direct competitor of AWS S3. After that, a couple of lectures about the two database services available on AWS. The first one is Cloud Datastore, a non-relational DBMS that can be a viable document store. The other Database service is Google Cloud SQL.

It’s a classic relational DBMS, based on MySQL, similar to AWS RDS, but with some important differences. In both cases, David will give you a very good idea of the service and how to get started with it. The final lecture is about BigQuery. This one is a very interesting service, where Google throw all its huge experience with Big Data. It’s not easy to get started with it, yet our instructor provided a very clear and easy explanation of it.

It’s a beginner course, so no special requirements are needed to get the most out of it, but as the “Who should follow this course” paragraph in the course page says, you might benefit from watching the Introduction to Google Cloud Platform course, which is a very high-level overview of GCP. Don’t forget to take advantage of Cloud Academy’s Google Cloud Quizzes to reinforce your knowledge about GCP: you will learn as long as you get tested, thanks to the Learnings that you will get after each quiz. And feel free to take a look at our Roadmap if you want to learn more about the content that is coming next to our platform!

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