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Enterprise Cloud Training by Cloud Academy: guide your team through professional cloud skills training without having to quit your day job

There’s no shortage of companies – both large and small – eager to provide their teams with professional cloud training, but they could do without the extra headache of administering the process. Of course, you need to make sure everything’s set up right and keep a steady eye on progress, but it can’t become your full-time job.

Corporate enterprise cloud training seminars

You could consider sending your team to one of those two or three days, jam-packed corporate training courses. But, besides the rather high price tag, are you 100% convinced that cramming megatons of content into a few intense days is really the best solution for every scenario?

First of all, are the skills that were quickly demonstrated using ideal software environments necessarily going to be relevant to troubleshooting the chaos of real-world crises? Will they even be remembered in a few months? And how much of what’s actually learned will remain useful; how long will it be before everything falls out of date?

In-house enterprise cloud training programs

And the headache just gets bigger if you’re looking to administer your enterprise training in-house. You’ll need to do your own research on platforms, make sure you’ve identified the technology that is both right for your project and likely to remain useful for at least a year or two, develop a working curriculum, and find the teaching resources and personnel to get the job done. And then hope that, by the time it’s over, somebody will actually have learned something. Anything.

But all that doesn’t even touch on process management. For that, you will likely need to send one or two of your HR people to a week-long conference so they can learn how to use SAP Enterprise Learning software. Don’t work with SAP? Then PeopleSoft’s standalone Enterprise Learning Management module. Or was that PeopleSoft’s Enterprise Learning (you know: the one that used to be called “Training Administration” before  Oracle got to it)? Or was that the module that you didn’t get around to purchasing? Do you even have the time to research the difference?

All that should work out well, right?

The third way

Or you can just let Cloud Academy handle the whole process, start to finish.

Because we also have stuff to do with our lives, we asked our development team to create a management interface that’s pretty much as simple – and complete – as possible. We promise that you won’t be overwhelmed by options you’ll never understand, much less use. Five-day training conference? Try five minutes. Tops.

Our Enterprise Cloud Training Dashboard is notable for its clean, distraction-free windows. You’ll be free to watch your team as they independently enjoy their unlimited access to the constantly growing Cloud Academy learning platform. They will study at their own pace and complete as many courses as they want. New technologies? We’ve got them. Can’t remember how something works? The right lecture or lab is always only a click away.

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The Cloud Academy Management Dashboard offers:

  • Account management
  • Activity reports
  • Progress reports
  • Filtering by historical period, platform, and technology
  • Individual and team tracking
  • Analytics

Here’s how it all works:

Members and Activities:

Besides the quick overview you’ll get all of the recent account activity, by clicking on the “Actions” pull-down on the Members and Activities page, you can – if your account limits allow it – appoint that member as an administrator (providing full account control) or a manager (permitting access to activity reports and new member invitations).

Clicking on the “chart” button will display the member’s progress, measured by hours spent on the site, how much and which content they consumed (compared with that of the previous period), and their skill assessment score. You can view member activity by week, month, quarter, or all-time.

Invite more members:

Manage email invitations to team members you’d like to join your Cloud Academy account. You can customize the messages that will accompany the invitation and quickly view the status of pending invitations.

Report and Analytics:

The Report and Analytics link in the left panel will let you view overall team activity so you don’t have to guess at what’s really going on:
Clicking on the Members link at the top will allow you to visually compare individual user activities against each other.

Filtering reports by specific cloud platform (i.e., AWS, Azure, etc), you can view:

  • The time each member spends on skill-building activities.
  • Skill assessment showing the quality of their learning experiences.
  • Which specific products were the focus of the most attention?

Interested in learning how Cloud Academy’s Enterprise Cloud Training Plan can help you push your team farther and faster? Find out more or request a Team Trial through our Cloud Academy Enterprise Cloud Training page.

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