This week’s Cloud Computing jobs – AWS Solutions Architect Openings

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This week we will focus on some particularly promising AWS Solutions Architect positions from around the world. If you are a big data guru, there is an interesting position available in New York City. If New York is just too crazy for you, then how about sunny Italy? If you have some experience in DevOps methodologies then you might want to check out the Cloud Architect position in Australia, working in either Sydney or Melbourne.
1.   Cloud Architect

Bulletproof Group Limited – Sydney or Melbourne

Job Description
Your aptitude and experience designing and consulting in AWS “Lift and Shift”, and / or DevOps CI/CD development projects liaising with existing Enterprise customers will be put to the test as part of Australia’s leading, smartest and friendliest team.
Your role will include working with new and existing customers and you will work closely with Sales Consultants, Technical Account Managers & Pre-Sales Engineers on identified AWS consulting and project opportunities.
To be successful in this role, you must have:

  • A consultative, friendly yet focussed approach to sales
  • Willingness and ability to learn new concepts and liaise with administrative and technical teams
  • Advanced AWS skills and experience (design & implementation of both lift and shift and/or  CI/CD projects)
  • Experience in DevOps methodologies
  • Ideally VMware experience (design & implementation/deployments)

In addition to this, you will need to enjoy working with customers and have exceptional problem solving skills.
2.   “Big Data Architect” Sr. Solution Architect

GroupM  – New York City

Job Description
The Solution Architect will be expected to take on the following responsibilities

  • Provide technical expertise and leadership in the design, development and delivery of high performance, high availability and high scalable applications
  • Define the strategic direction for data warehousing, business intelligence and analytics initiatives for the enterprise
  • Develops, documents and implement best practices for Big Data solutions and services
  • Responsible for developing functional application specifications, systems design criteria.
  • Be in constant communication with other members of the team and the management team.
  • Evaluate scope and timeline of projects.  Adhere to deliverables and delivery dates.
  • Provide capacity planning, performance tuning and monitoring.
  • Mentor team members.  Ensure Big data paradigms and thinking permeate through the team.
  • Develop innovative solutions to complex Big Data projects
  • Engage with cross functional teams to implement solutions and services as part of analytics platform

3.   Big Data Engineer

Beintoo – Italia

Job Description
As a Big Data Engineer, you will design, implement and maintain systems and algorithms for ingesting, analyzing, and serving large volumes of mobile, desktop and behavioral data. You will build products that connect and link multiple devices into a unified audience profile.

  • Build and maintain pipelines and systems that support the ingestion and analysis of mobile data
  • Build and maintain terabyte scale, distributed systems for matching and optimization algorithm and predictive modeling
  • Collaborate with the data architect to design and build analytic systems that are scalable, reliable, and accurate
  • Analyze large datasets to identify opportunities to tune and improve the system
  • Identify the optimal approach for extracting valuable insights from Big data

4.   Data Architect

Opus Resourcing Ltd – London

Job Description

Data Architect with extensive skills in Data Warehouse / Data Integration and ETL or ELT combined with Logical Data Modelling and Physical Data Modelling and physical database design skills in some one or more of Oracle, Netezza / MPP in a large scale complex Data Warehouse environment is required by technology giant to work on their large scale Oracle real time data warehouse and Hadoop / AWS Cloud data systems in West London.
Essential experience includes
Experience of implementing and integrating and supporting substantial packaged and bespoke systems over geographically distributed sites using structured or unstructured methods.

  • An understanding of Agile methodologies, standards and process implementation and management.
  • Experience of analysis and design of simple to complex data systems integration – sharing data between departments and with external suppliers and customers.
  • Experience in data modelling methods and application of best principles of data integration, data warehouse and ETL or ELT design.
  • Experience with and within solution design in an enterprise environment.
  • Physical database design/development in one or more major RDBMS (i.e. Oracle) and/or DW hardware or Software Appliances (i.e. MPP platforms).
  • Proven experience in working with infrastructure teams for the design and implementation of technical architectures.
  • The ability to take and influence technical decisions in a fast moving commercial environment.
  • Essential knowledge that tactical design doesn’t always mean bad design.

5.  Senior System Administrator / Cloud Architect (m/f) | Hamburg

Kreditech Holding SSL GmbH – Hamburg Area, Germany

Job Description

You like the feel and power of working in a start-up? You want to make a real difference in our world-wide Infrastructure? Then join The Kreditech Group as our Senior System Administrator / Cloud Architect! You’ll work directly with the Infrastructure team.
Our vision is to become a “digital bank for everyone”. We use big data, algorithms and automated processes to offer financial products to the underbanked and the 4bn people with no credit score. “Kredi” stands for the subsidiaries issuing credit to private individuals in currently nine countries. “Tech” is the Hamburg-based tech company developing banking technology.
Founded in 2012 by Sebastian Diemer (CEO) and Alexander Graubner-Müller (CTO), Kreditech Group has a revenue run rate of USD 50m and a team of 220 passionate employees from 40 nations working on the algo-banking of the future.
Your Role:

  • Be responsible for Kreditech’s cloud infrastructure and the design, development and administration of its next generation architecture
  • Lead all IT operations with regards to AWS and other PAAS services
  • Ensure scalability and security of all components of production services
  • Work closely with engineering to ensure seamless application deployments and delivery across all layers of the environment
  • Setup monitoring processes and contingency procedures to ensure highest level of stability
  • Dive deep to resolve problems at their root, looking for failure patterns and suggesting fixes
  • Apply advanced troubleshooting techniques to provide unique solutions to our customers’ individual needs
  • Drive communication during critical events
  • Drive projects that improve support-related processes and our customers’ technical support experience
  • Learn, experience and apply ground breaking technologies, such as Mesos and Kubernetes

Written by

I have been UNIX/Linux System Administrator for the past 15 years and am slowly moving those skills into the AWS Cloud arena. I am passionate about AWS and Cloud Technologies and the exciting future that it promises to bring.

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