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Latest Updates for Cloud Academy Mobile: New Content Library

At Cloud Academy, we want to make learning on the go as easy as possible. In our newest update, we are further unifying the user experience between web and mobile.

Today, with an overall faster app launch speed and our new content library for iOS and Android, you’ll be able to get to the content you need (and start learning) faster than before.

New Content Library

Our new content library makes it easy to get started on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, or any Cloud Ecosystem content and the learning experience (Learning Path, Course, Quiz, Exam) of your choice.
Platform LibraryAWS Content Library

New Search Functionality

Under the Search tab, you’ll be able to refine your selection even further by choosing the cloud topics (database, IoT, storage, security, and more) and level of difficulty.
Search Functionality
Content Filtering

New Content Collections

You’ll also be able to discover new training content in our new content collections, available in the content library, and in your dashboard.

Cloud Academy Content Library       Cloud Academy Trending Content

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Written by

Luca Faverio

Luca is a Software Engineer, passionate about mobile technologies and travels he is currently responsible for the iOS application at Cloud Academy.

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