New Course: Introduction to Continuous Integration

The Ideal Course for DevOps Beginners Who Want to Learn about Continuous Integration

Hey folks! You’ll be happy to know that Cloud Academy has recently published a brand-new course called Introduction to Continuous Integration by our expert DevOps instructor Ben Lambert. He’s an experienced DevOps engineer with a track record of success in building web and mobile applications.

This course is great for newcomers to the field who want to get a head start in the world of continuous integration and DevOps. The material covered will give you a solid foundation in the following subjects:

  • Setting up a development environment
  • Version control
  • Testing
  • Database schema migrations
  • Jenkins
  • And more!

The course is divided into eight in-depth video segments, and has a total run time of 57 minutes. It’s the ideal length for quickly learning the basics about CI and then using your newfound knowledge to launch your own dev environment. Over 100 students have already signed up for this course.

Why Continuous Integration is so Important

Keeping a software project running on-time and on-budget is a complicated dance between version control systems, automated testing frameworks, and deployment mechanisms. Continuous integration helps to ensure that developers are constantly merging codebases on a daily basis to help prevent surprises further down the road.
By catching problems early on, the unpleasant phenomenon of “integration hell” can be avoided, thereby saving the development team lots of headaches and time – and the company lots of money.

Who Should Take This Course

If you’re a newcomer to the field, then this is the ideal course for you. You’ll get an inside look at the process and philosophy of continuous integration from an experienced engineer who has fought in the trenches. For students who are looking to break into the industry and hit the ground running on day 1, this course will help you understand the lingo and methodology of many large software shops.

What You’ll Learn

This course covers the following topics in this sequence:

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