New Webinar: RedLine13: (Almost) Free Load Testing in the Cloud

(Update) We’ve recorded several webinars on DevOps over the past few months. Please check the Cloud Academy’s webinars page, for an up-to-date list of webinars.

I’m glad to announce to you all another webinar that we will host on Wednesday, October 1st, at 3pm UTC, this time with our friends Bob Bickel and Richard Friedman of RedLine13. We will talk about their great service to perform (almost) free load testing in the cloud and will see how to use it to get detailed reports about your the behavior of your app and of your infrastructure under a heavy load.
Load testing is among the most important activities that system administrators and DevOps need to perform routinely. The solution that RedLine13 developed for Load Testing is very interesting, and can also be quite cheap, which is irrelevant. You start by granting the software access to your infrastructure with a dedicated IAM policy, then deploy the so-called “Load Agents” to some EC2 instances, configure all the specific details for the test that you want to perform, and then you just wait for the full report that is collected by RedLine13. It is a neat and effective service, and I really like that Bob and Richard will be with us to reveal all the secrets to perform excellent tests and get meaningful results that can help you make your infrastructure more solid and robust.

So, if you want to be part of the webinar and get in touch with our guest to learn more about this innovative way of performing load testing, just save the date and register for the webinar. We are looking forward to seeing you!

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