Service Limits Management in AWS and How Amazon Could Improve Them

The Public Cloud leader AWS is providing 29 Cloud Services in its Cloud platform. In order to secure the misuse of the resources, Amazon Web Services is enforcing some default limits for each and every service per Region.
AWS Services List

If you want to increase your service limits for any service in a particular region you need to contact the AWS support team with right use case saying why you want to increase your service limits. To know more about default service limits and how to increase them, please visit the AWS service limits page.

If you have any AWS support plan which includes Trusted Advisor, you can use it to see the limits of your service for each Region. So, you can raise a request in advance with AWS support to increase your service limits.

Amazon Support Levels

As of now, your AWS account service limits are available for only Business and Enterprise level Support customers only because AWS Trusted Advisor is available for only Business and Enterprise level support customers. You don’t have any other option to get to know the usage details your services if you have less than Business support or no support at all. But still, you can calculate your resources usage manually by comparing the usage with the default service limits. Whenever you place a request for increasing your service limits, keep track of them in a spreadsheet for better tracking of the usage and limits of your service.

Unfortunately, Business and Enterprise level support customers also don’t have any notification service about their service limits where they will get to notify in advance about their service limits. So that, they can avoid any contingencies. These kinds of notifications will be really helpful when customers run services like Elastic Beanstalk, EC2 Auto scaling, and SES, etc.

How Amazon could improve it

Unlike AWS, other public cloud providers like Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure are providing the service limits in their console irrespective of the support model you hold with them.

To address this Service limits and usage information, it would be great if AWS would implement solutions like these:

  1. AWS should come up with a feature like Soft and Hard service limits. Whenever the user hits the soft service limits Amazon should notify them via the console for next resource launches and also notify via the registered email saying that you reached the soft limit, before reaching the hard limit please increase your service limits.
  2. AWS should provide the service limits info on the console as a default feature irrespective of support model you hold with AWS. They should also keep track of the updated service limits as you place the request for increasing the limits.
  3. Amazon should integrate their service limits with CloudWatch metrics so that we can configure alarms and enable the SNS notifications in advance about the limits.
  4. Whenever users launch the resources for any service Amazon should put an info or warning message about resources usage and limits and if resources are needed for that service raise a support ticket to increase the service limits.

Hope Amazon AWS will address these issues as soon as possible.

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