The 5 Best Cloud Computing Jobs Around

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We have written several posts on our blog about how the times are changing for jobs in the IT industry, given the increasing adoption of cloud computing technologies. Although the traditional approach to computing is definitely alive and healthy, there is no doubt that the adoption of cloud solutions is progressively growing and hence request for cloud-related jobs is increasing as well. Some of them are brand new jobs; some others are the evolution of old and well-known positions; all of them usually need a wide range of skills and knowledge to be mastered, and cross several areas of expertise. Let’s see together what are the best, most rewarding and more requested Cloud Computing jobs around.

#5: Cloud Sales

Who said that Cloud jobs are all about white-on-black terminals, code debugging and sysadmin tasks?

Lots of cloud-related jobs involve managers, directors and other C-level professionals. This is one of the most important thing that modern IT companies should understand: the cloud revolution is engaging top floors as well, and at least a basic knowledge of the Cloud technologies is and will be even more in the future, a required item even in the CVs of top managers. Cloud Sales is one of the most interesting positions that was born from a blend of Cloud and business management.

IT is about developing and growing outsourced cloud business with C-level professionals in midsize and enterprise-level customers, and it will ask you to travel a lot and to harness all your communication skills and your strategic analysis capabilities to see where the market is shifting and predict it in advance. Definitely, your opportunity if sales are your top-notch skill.

#4: Cloud System Administrator

Who said the traditional, well-known System Administrators positions are going to vanish over time due to the cloud technologies? This is one of the biggest myth about the cloud. As far as I can see, companies are still in search for people who maintain their machines, except that now they are mostly virtual, and in some provider’s own data center rather than in your server room.

That is, you will still need to have someone around to configure and maintain the systems that comprise the underlying cloud platform. You will still need to have someone to bother to troubleshoot that sudden problem arisen somewhere. You still need an expert figure to ask and plan for future cloud capacity requirements. You will still need a System Administrator, except you’ll call it a “Cloud System Administrator”. Old job, new tools, more fun.

#3: Cloud Software Engineer

Search Google for “Cloud Software Engineer“, and you’ll get more than 40 millions of hit. Needless to say, this is one of the highest demanded job positions around, and one of the most interesting for the guys on the software development side of the Force.

The position is usually responsible for the design and development of distributed software modules that integrate with cloud service providers, but it is quite versatile and Cloud Software Engineers are involved in many fields of cloud software development.

So, expect to be asked for a computer science background here, and to have a long experience in software development as well. Being knowledgeable of deployment automation technologies is another very required skill too.

#2: Cloud Architect

I am sure you all agree that Cloud Architect is one of the most interesting jobs when we speak about Cloud Computing. A cloud architect is quite a central role in any IT department who takes advantage of cloud solutions from a provider or another. He differs from the people who actually design the Cloud infrastructure in that they work with the designers to help secure the cloud computing platforms. Also, they work within the existing cloud platform to develop more efficient and profitable uses of the technology the company already uses.

To achieve these goals, Cloud Architects usually work side-by-side with many different departments of the company, and often work in tight relation with the management too. This is one of the highest demanded jobs in the cloud industry, and there is no doubt this demand will keep growing in the future.

#1: DevOps

Apart from the fancy names (a portmanteau of development and operations), DevOps really is the brand new job grown up within the cloud industry I like the most. In a way, it is the junction point among the two big worlds of IT: developers and sys-admin. On the other hand, it is way more than just a cross junction with a good blend of skills from software engineering and technology operations and administration.

The DevOps field is where most of the games are played nowadays when we are speaking about cloud-based development. You’ll need to manage your infrastructure, and ensure that everything is perfectly tuned for the needs of your appliance, also you’ll need to have great development skills to handle pieces of code, but will also need good releases management skills in order to maximize the predictability, efficiency, security and maintainability of your operational processes. Quite a tough task, challenging and enjoyable at a time, that will put on trial your skills and will require you a very huge knowledge of the Cloud solutions and technologies.

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