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New Course:

The fifth course in our Server Professional Linux certification series is now out, which means that you’ve got everything you need to prepare yourself for the first of the two LPIC-1 certification exams.
This course properly introduces you to the Linux filesystem – which defines how system and personal files are organized and protected. You’ll learn how to both optimize and secure access to your files, and allocate shared resources between users.
We’re already hard at work on new courses covering material for the second LPIC-1 exam…keep your eyes on this space for more details.

Coming Soon:

Expect to see two new AWS courses out soon:

  • AWS 120 Compute Fundamentals: learn to configure, provision, and launch Amazon EC2 virtual instances.
  • AWS 262 Route 53: manage your domain registration, control and route incoming traffic, assess the health of your resources.

Cloud Academy Blog:

In honor of the release of the fifth LPIC-1 course, we published Linux Cloud on AWS: use Linux skills to power cloud deployments, that explores how a few key, mainstream Linux skills can be applied to the AWS cloud.
We also posted “OpenVPN: connecting VPCs between regions” – a look at using a third party open source tool to expand connectivity between your AWS resources.
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David Clinton

A Linux system administrator with twenty years' experience as a high school teacher, David has been around the industry long enough to have witnessed decades of technology trend predictions; most of them turning out to be dead wrong.

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