Machine Learning, Linux Administration, AWS Compute: This Week at Cloud Academy

Welcome to our weekly review of some of what’s new, interesting, and upcoming at Cloud Academy.

New courses on Machine Learning, Linux Administration, and AWS Compute

It’s been an exciting week at Cloud Academy, with the content creation machine churning out three brand new courses!

Introduction to the Principles and Practice of Amazon Machine Learning

First out of the gate (and building on our popular AWS Machine Learning blog post) was a groundbreaking course on the theory, principles, and some practical applications of big data-based predictions. With oceans of data being generated daily by millions of web-based servers, it’s only natural that people are going to want to better understand what’s happening. Machine Learning is a technology that makes all that possible. Find out more about the course – and the topic – that’s been generating so much buzz!

LPIC-1 102 Linux certification – Linux Administration

The third LPIC-1 102 exam course is available. That means eight of the eleven courses preparing you for the Linux Server Professional certification are now online. This course covers controlling system resources through the intelligent use of users and groups, scheduling tasks for times when you’re too busy (or just hanging out at the lake with the guys), and maintaining appropriate system environment variables.

AWS Compute Fundamentals

The AWS EC2 edition of Cloud Academy’s Amazon Web Services Learning Tracks series was also published this week. Of course, all of EC2’s core skills – configuring and launching EC2 instances, Auto Scaling, and Load Balancing – are covered. But our AWS Compute Fundamentals course also gives you an exciting first look at two of AWS’s more sophisticated services: Lambda (event-generated deployments) and EC2 Container Service (container clusters).

Updated AWS Fundamentals Learning Path:

With the publishing of AWS Compute Fundamentals, Cloud Academy decided to upgrade the AWS Fundamentals Learning Path. We’ve removed some of the older courses to make room for newer content that more accurately reflects the services and tools you’ll find on AWS right now. While all of the older courses are still available on the Cloud Academy site, the courses that now make up the Path were designed from scratch to complement each other, covering the full range of fundamental AWS skills you’ll need to hit the Cloud Computing ground running.

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