TOTVS AWS Meetup – Sao Paulo, Brazil

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Planning to visit beautiful Sao Paulo in Brazil any time soon? If you’re reading this, then you definitely wouldn’t mind being there on July 22nd, 2015 (between 7:00 and 10:30 pm), as that’s when TOTVS, along with Cloud Academy, is sponsoring an AWS Users Meetup in the TOTVS auditorium.

Besides providing rich opportunities to meet and exchange ideas with both new and old friends, there are three talks scheduled (in Portuguese, naturally):

  • AWS technical account manager Davi Menezes will talk about design principles, best practices, and some interesting use-cases for cluster management on AWS’s new service: ECS. This will be a nice follow-up to TOTVS’s first – and very successful – Meetup built around Docker container technologies.
  • AWS evangelist Julio Faerman will discuss his own collaborative and interactive e-learning platform, Eduvem, in the context of creating an efficient and agile environment from non-standard technology stacks. Julio’s recipe includes Scala, Java, RESTful APIs, Single Page Applications, Continuous Integration and Deployment, and AWS’s OpsWorks and CloudFront services.
  • Our third talk by Hugo Cisneiros, an infrastructure specialist at Movile, will detail Movile’s successful deployment of Cassandra on AWS. Hugo will discuss how Cassandra got along with Amazon’s SQS and Auto Scaling, plus Chef and ephemeral disks.

We’ll have a full Q&A session at the end of the evening.

Cloud Academy is proud to be a part of this kind of community-building event. The Cloud may be distributed, but there’s no reason it has to be cold and impersonal!

For more information about this Meetup, contact the organizer: Gabriel Coelho of TOTVS. And keep your eyes open for announcements of a third Meetup in the near future – this one focusing on OpenStack.

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