Webinar Recap: How to Study for the AWS Solutions Architect Professional Certification

In case you missed our webinar about how to study for the AWS Solutions Architect Professional certification exam or if you simply don’t have enough time to watch the presentation in full, I’ve watched it for you and summarized the most important notes to take away from it.

Andrew Larkin, one of our AWS expert trainers, compiled this presentation to give you some insider knowledge from someone who has actually acquired the certification.

If you’re serious about passing the exam, you won’t want to miss our AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional learning path that’s designed to give you the tools and knowledge you’ll need to do well.
Without further ado, let’s drive right into the key takeaways from the presentation and how you can master the skills you’ll need to pass the exam with flying colors.

Why Bother with the AWS Solutions Architect Professional Certification?

While the Associate level exam gives you the foundation you need to demonstrate your competency in developing solutions for the AWS ecosystem, the Professional level exam truly demonstrates to employers your abilities to navigate the AWS IT landscape and build complex infrastructures and solutions for key business objectives.

Some Common Myths

  • It’s Too Tough: While the Professional level exam is challenging, it’s an honest assessment of your ability.
  • It’s Nothing like the Associate Exam: It’s certainly not the same exam, but the Professional level certification test is just as achievable as the Associate level with proper preparation.
  • Irrelevant Questions: Some individuals complain about what they perceive to be irrelevant questions found in the exam. However, the real world is not pretty, clean, or uniform. You’ll thank AWS for including edge cases in their scenario questions, as these questions reflect the actual problems you’ll find in the field.
  • If You Use the Console Everyday You Should Be Fine: Well… not exactly. The console does help give you some critical knowledge. But there is a significant amount of material you’ll want to review, including white papers, documentation, and re:Invent sessions.

The Best Way to Prepare for the Exam

Andrew highly recommends following his Cloud Academy learning path for the exam. It’s based on the 8 domains the exam covers:

  1. High Availability and Business Continuity
  2. Costing
  3. Deployment Management
  4. Network Design
  5. Data Storage
  6. Security
  7. Scalability and Elasticity
  8. Cloud Migration and Hybrid Architecture

That’s the key difference between the Associate and Professional level: There’s a lot more content to cover.
You can find out more about the domains covered in the learning path here. 

How Long You Should Study for the Exam

Andrew recommends spending 8 weeks preparing, but if you’re especially pressed for time or feel confident enough, you could try taking the exam after 4 weeks.
Ultimately, the amount of time you’ll need in order to prepare will depend on your particular study habits. The quizzes found inside the learning path can help you cement your knowledge and accelerate the process.

What about Exam Dumps?

Instead of trying to find exam dumps, it’s better to take the ethical route and actually prepare for the exam. Remember: the exam is supposed to be challenging.

Wrapping Up the Webinar

Be sure to watch the webinar all the way to the end in order to listen to Andrew’s answers to viewer questions.

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