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Build knowledge and gain hands-on experience with Kubernetes, DC/OS, Docker, and containerization techniques across Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. Content added and updated weekly.

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Getting Started with Containers

Organizations have begun embracing containers due to their simplicity and to the fact that they allow for a faster development and deployment velocity. If you want to get started using containers for your infrastructure, this is the right place to start.

Kubernetes Fundamentals

Kubernetes is a production-grade container orchestration system that helps you maximize the benefits of using containers and is becoming increasingly popular as organizations continue to incorporate containers into their infrastructure. This selection of content will provide you with a solid grounding in all things Kubernetes!

Docker Fundamentals

Docker has taken the container world by storm, broadly popularizing the use of containers. If you're looking to learn more about Docker and the benefits it can bring to your organization, this selection of content is a good place to start, and will provide you with a foundational understanding of the topic.

Containers Certification Preparation

If you're looking to get certified in either Docker or Kubernetes, these learning paths will help you to get yourself ready. They provide the right mix of theoretical and practical skills so that you can go into your exams with confidence.

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