Are You Looking for Cloud Computing Experts?

(Update) Over the past months, we’ve been busy creating a robust offering for organizations who are looking to upskill their teams. With a premier cloud ecosystem library, the ability to assign training plans, extend and customize training for the organization, Cloud Academy’s Enterprise plan is the most effective way to launch an enterprise technology training program at scale.

Readers can explore the latest trends in technical skills in demand for Cloud Architects using Cloud Roster™, the data-driven job role matrix updated weekly.

More and more companies are now looking for skilled IT professionals with cloud computing expertise on private and public cloud computing platforms. Cloud Academy is building a dedicated platform for IT professionals to learn how to use cloud computing technologies and test their skills with dedicated quizzes for each cloud platform: Amazon Web Services, Google Compute Engine, and more coming.

With thousands of professionals that every month use to learn and assess their skills, we have decided to provide a powerful solution for all the companies that are looking for Cloud Computing professionals and experts and help our members with an always updated list of job positions in the cloud computing industry.

How to select cloud computing experts with

We are now collecting requests from companies that want to expose their job positions in and get access to a selected list of candidates that matches their skills and requirements.

This new feature will be available in private beta for a period of time and we’ll then open it for every company.

Right now we are looking for companies that have open positions for Cloud Architects, Cloud Developers and every position that has cloud computing skills as a requirement. We’ll offer a free trial of our system exposing their job positions in a dedicated section of

We have only 5 slots available.

If you are looking for cloud computing professionals for your company you can reserve your slot filling this Google form.

We’ll contact you ASAP to start inserting your job positions and give you access to our private beta.

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