Automated Provisioning: Hands-on Creating Custom AWS AMIs

Automated Provisioning

Automated Provisioning” might sound complicated and even a bit obscure, but it’s really rather straightforward… and you’d be surprised just how useful it can be even for normal, everyday cloud computing tasks.

Cloud Academy’s Create an EBS-Backed Linux AMI hands-on Lab can teach you everything you need to know about building customized cloud environments, AWS-style.

Create an EBS-Backed Linux AMI Hands-on Lab

Let’s say that you’ve spent hours and hours optimizing an AWS-hosted OS and you’ve carefully installed all the packages you’ll need for your perfect deployment. It’s up and running beautifully.
You wouldn’t want to just shut it down once its job is done and let all that hard work go to waste! Wouldn’t you love to be able to launch identical, fully-provisioned copies of your working image into multiple environments with a single click?

Automated Provisioning is the way. By creating an AWS AMI (Amazon Machine Image) based on your own customized version of any freely available Linux distribution, you can do just that.
And by taking Cloud Academy’s beginner level hands-on Lab showing you how to create just such an EBS-Backed AMI, you’ll see just how incredibly easy it is to learn how.

Using our Lab’s step-by-step process as your guide, you’ll log into a real Amazon Web Services console and build a customized Instance for use as a web server (your own Instances can, of course, serve whatever function you like).

You will then create a snapshot of your Elastic Block Store volume from which you will create your new AMI – an AMI that you can subsequently select for any future deployments.

Cloud Academy Labs

Cloud Academy Labs are a powerful tool for quickly and effectively learning AWS skills, since you’re working within an environment that’s identical to what you’ll experience in the real world – only you get to do it with your personal digital mentor “looking over your shoulder” as you go.

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