AWS Certified Developer Course, Bayes Classifiers: This Week at Cloud Academy

Welcome to our weekly review of some of what’s new, interesting, and upcoming at Cloud Academy.Course

We’ve just released a new course from our own Stuart Scott, this one designed to guide you through your preparations for the AWS Certified Developer (associate level) exam.

Because of the wide range of AWS services needed to properly plan and deploy your applications to the Amazon cloud, Stuart felt it would be best to also create a new Learning Path to accompany the course. The AWS Certified Developer Fundamentals Learning Path points you to other Cloud Academy courses which cover basic AWS features you’ll also need to understand for this certification.

So have you got great code but aren’t sure how to deploy it efficiently and securely? Make sure you take the new AWS Certified Developer course.


As we continue working to deepen our focus on Machine Learning, we recently published a fantastic post on solving real-world problems with Big Data stores. In his Bayes Classifier article, explored sentiment analysis using the Naive Bayes Classifier to train software to determine whether individual tweets are likely to be positive or negative.

The example is interesting enough, but the methodology opens up virtually endless possibilities. If you’ve got access to data, there probably won’t be all that many secrets you won’t be able to access now.

See you next time!

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