AWS re:Invent 2017. Your Cloud Security Questions Answered: Meet Stuart Scott

Security is still one of the first questions companies have when it comes to the cloud. Ahead of re:Invent 2017, AWS has already announced new encryption and security features for its Simple Storage Service (S3) and a new service, AWS PrivateLink, for keeping traffic secure between AWS services and VPC Endpoints. Naturally, you’ll want to know how these announcements will affect your deployments and what you can do to take advantage of these and any forthcoming new AWS releases.

Cloud Academy’s AWS Security expert, Stuart Scott, will be with our team at re:Invent to answer your questions about security, privacy, and compliance in your cloud deployments. Here’s a teaser video where Stuart explains why security matters.

Can’t-Miss Security Sessions at re:Invent 2017

The re:Invent security agenda includes more than 60 breakout and enterprise-specific sessions, workshops, and chalk talks. Here are the security sessions at the top of our list:

A Deep Dive into AWS Encryption Services

This will be a great way to learn about the latest encryption management features to minimize risk in your AWS deployments.
Five New Security Automation Improvements You Can Make by Using Amazon CloudWatch Events and AWS Config Rules

In this session, we’ll get to see the unreleased code behind several AWS security automation functions in action, plus use cases, and a feature demo of a proposed script.

Compliance and Top Security Threats in the Cloud—Are You Protected?

This session is part of the Developer Community Track with Sixt and WatchGuard Technologies. Topics will include the importance of using a risk model to identify your biggest threats, monitoring tactics, and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) compliance.

Making the Shift from DevOps to Practical DevSecOps

This session will focus on how to incorporate security best practices into your current DevOps operation and will feature demonstrations using CIS AWS Foundation Benchmarks to trigger alerts.
Check out the full list of re:Invent Security sessions.

Where to Find Us

Join us just behind Registration in the main Expo Hall at the Venetian. Our booth number is 1702. Members of our AWS and sales teams will be in the booth during expo hour or book a meeting with us at any time during the event.

AWS re:Invent 2017 Expo Map
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