New AWS Solutions Architect Pro Course: This Week at Cloud Academy

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Now course

It’s definitely been worth the wait! The second part of our AWS Solutions Architect Professional level course is now online and you won’t want to miss it. It’s part of our AWS Solutions Architect Professional certification Learning Path.
In his first Professional level course, Kevin Felichko took us on an important introductory tour of each of the AWS services you’ll need to master. In this second course, we’ll tie them all together in a realistic simulation of a real-world business solution.

Kevin has now created Acme Printing, a company with a creaking, labor-intensive job processing model that could desperately use an update. By carefully considering Acme’s needs and available resources – and the best combination of AWS services to solve those needs – we build a complete, end-to-end infrastructure solution. Watch how we design for a balance of application reliability, security best practices, and cost efficiency.

The third and final course of this series will focus on strategies for passing the AWS exam itself.


Our own has delivered the goods with three great posts this week on successfully managing your AWS costs, integrating VMware resources into your AWS infrastructure, and a really enlightening introduction to cloud computing the Heroku way. (Admit it: you’ve probably wondered exactly what on earth Heroku was, haven’t you?)
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