New Azure, Google Cloud, DevOps Learning Paths & Labs: Get Ready for your Certification!

At Cloud Academy, we’re busy adding new content to help you achieve your goals across AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and DevOps.

Whether you’re looking to get certified or just want to learn new skills, we know that getting started can be a stumbling block for learners who are also working full-time or have to balance studying around other responsibilities. Our learning paths and our hands-on labs are both designed to guide you step by step so you don’t have to spend your time and energy figuring out how to do it on your own.

If you’re planning to get certified on Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform, our new learning paths will help you get prepared for certification with in-depth coverage of the topics you need to know about, in a combination of video courses, quizzes, and hands-on labs. We’ve also got new hands-on labs to help you get started with Docker, and we’ll show you how to use EC2 Spot Instances on AWS. Let’s take a closer look at some of our newest content!

Microsoft Azure

Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions – 70-532 Certification

Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions - 70-532 Certification
This learning path covers the key topics featured in the exam:

  • Creating and managing ARM-based Virtual Machines
  • Designing and implementing a storage and data strategy
  • Managing identity, application, and network services
  • Designing and implementing Azure PaaS compute, web, and mobile services

It also includes hands-on labs and our “exam guide” course that will help you identify the gaps in your knowledge as you prepare for the test.

Azure Infrastructure Solutions – 70-533 Certification

70-533 Certification Prep (ARM): Azure Infrastructure Solutions

This learning path will walk you through the fundamentals of Azure to ensure that you have a strong foundation, and then deeply cover each exam objective with tips, tricks, PowerShell and Azure CLI references, and overall advice for taking the exam. It includes hands-on labs and quiz sessions.

Internet of Things with Azure

Internet of Things with Azure
From its device SDKs across multiple programming languages to IoT Hub, which provides a device registry and scalable messaging infrastructure, Azure has a lot to offer. In this learning path, you’ll learn about key Azure services including Azure Functions, Azure DocumentDB, Stream Analytics and more to support your IoT solutions.

Google Cloud Platform

Google Professional Cloud Architect Certification   

Google Professional Cloud Architect Certification
Whether you’re looking to get certified or just want to learn about the platform, this learning path will help you gain a solid understanding of the various components of the Google Cloud Platform. The learning path includes video courses and quiz sessions and covers topics from the six exam sessions.

Google BigQuery

Google BiqQuery
Google’s solution to your data problems is Google BigQuery, a massive, lightning-fast data warehouse in the cloud. This learning path will show you the fundamentals of how to use BigQuery and then how to optimize BigQuery to reduce costs, speed up your queries, and apply proper access control.


Getting Started with Docker on Linux and Windows
Docker has taken DevOps by storm and ignited interest in containers. Containers offer many of the benefits of virtual machines but in a much more efficient, less resource-intensive system. Containers allow you to package up an application in an isolated environment that can be executed across machines in a reproducible manner. In this lab, we’ll help you get up and running with Docker: Choose from our Docker on Windows lab or our Docker on Linux lab, both using a Microsoft Azure virtual machine.

Amazon Web Services

Using EC2 Spot Instances
Using EC2 Instances

Spot instances can be used in much the same way as regular, on-demand instances except with a different pricing model that offers substantial cost savings. Learn how to create EC2 instances, auto scale a fleet, and more in this hands-on lab.







Build RESTful microservices with AWS Lambda and API Gateway
Build RESTful Microservices with AWS Lambda and API Gateway

In this hands-on lab, you will learn how to define a simple API and how to connect it to AWS Lambda. Doing so provides a nice way to obtain a scalable backend for modern web applications or mobile apps. We will configure custom stages, protect resources with an API key and explain how to best connect API Gateway stages with AWS Lambda versions and aliases.

More new content

These are just a few of our newest learning paths and hands-on labs. Check out our content roadmap to find out what’s new and what’s coming next on Cloud Academy.



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