Cloud Academy 2017 Conferences and Events Worldwide!

Our second quarter got off to a spectacular start, down under, at AWS Summit Sydney. We had the great pleasure of starting off our visit by hosting the AWS Partner Summit Sydney, where we were able to engage with other sponsors, like ScienceLogic, TrendMicro, NetApp, CHEF, and Splunk, as well as AWS Partner Network members. That same evening we quickly moved on to Hordern Pavilion Royal Hall of Industries to set up for the main event. Over the next two days, we met with hundreds of AWS developers, engineers, and solution architects. What a blast we had talking with everyone about how best to become AWS certified and how to best keep up to date with continuous learning and training content. We cannot wait to get back to Australia.

On May 31, we will be sponsoring AWS Auckland, and we’re looking forward to traveling down under again. We’ll let you know when registration for this event opens up, and what our booth number will be. Can’t wait to see you there!

In April and May, we have a lot going on in the U.S.

First, today, April 20, Alex Casalboni, Cloud Academy’s software engineer and evangelist, will be presenting a talk on serverless computing to Serverless Meetups, San Francisco, which is sponsored by Cloud Academy. Alex will present:

AWS Lambda@Edge Preview: What exactly can you do with AWS Lambda@Edge? Alex will discuss the most interesting use cases and a few preview-related limitations. People attending the meetup will learn how to execute serverless functions at CloudFront’s edge locations to implement unique functionalities and optimize network latency.

Alex will present a similar paper at the Cloud Academy sponsored AWS Meetup in Novi Sad, Serbia on Wednesday, May 31, what a globetrotter!

Alex has been publishing content around serverless, where he talks about web applications and how you can take full advantage of the Serverless Framework to design the architecture.

To learn more about serverless, check out our latest learning path, Getting Started with Serverless Computing. The Getting Started with Serverless Computing learning path provides a practical introduction to the world of serverless computing. It starts with an overview of what serverless computing is and how it can be used in modern day application design. We then learn how to create RESTful application interfaces and to create simple serverless functions using the AWS Lambda service. Then, it walks through creating an API Gateway endpoint, a Lambda function using mock data, and then a Lambda function to query and return data from an API gateway.

The learning path includes a mix of courses with hands-on labs to help you fully understand the concepts of serverless computing and learn the hands-on aspects of building serverless solutions.

There are a LOT of labs in this learning path! Labs are the best way to understand the benefits of Lambda. The best way to learn how to use it is to get your hands dirty trying it out for yourself! The labs extend your knowledge and understanding and show you how to get the most benefit from Lambda functions in processing day to day tasks. By the end of this learning path, you will be able to recognize and explain the core aspects of serverless computing.

From April 26-28, Alex will be attending the Serverlessconf in Austin. You can follow Alex on Twitter @alex_casalboni.

On May 1-2, we will be sponsoring GOTO Chicago 2017, the International Software Conference – For Developers By Developers. GOTO Chicago 2017 is where you will learn about new trends, connect with industry experts, share your passion, and grow your skills. The program is created for developers by developers with conference talks and workshops covering the full stack of software development including DevOps and Security and highlighting emerging technologies like Machine Learning and Virtual Reality. Get inspired by speakers who are software innovators and thought leaders from startups and enterprises across all different disciplines of software development! Come by booth 14 and meet Cloud Academy’s Patrick Ryan. You can follow this event @gotochgo #gotochgo.

From May 22-24, we will be sponsoring ATD 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia. ATD is an international talent and professional development conference, and attendance is expected to exceed 10,000 people. We are looking forward sponsoring this event as it will allow us to meet with HR, Training, Learning, and organizational development professionals.

Cloud Academy will be unique among the rest of the event sponsors. We are the only training organization in our class who will be there. We will be on hand to meet with people to discuss our dedication not only to cloud technology certification prep, but also continuous learning beyond certification.

The following Cloud Academy salespeople will be in attendance: Alessandro Fasan, Eric Hannah, and Patrick Ryan. Two of our content developers, Josh Lane and Christopher Jackson, will also join us to speak directly about their instructional design, subject matter expertise, and the on-the-job application of how they have learned and how they apply this to the courses they write. Come and see us at booth 1742.

Next up is Cloud Expo New York City, June 6-8. Cloud Expo offers a wide selection of more than 120 technical and strategic industry keynotes, general and breakout sessions, and signature power panels. The exhibition floor features a demo theater that gives attendees the opportunity to interact with technology providers. We will be at booth 316, come on by to say hello!
The rest of June brings us more AWS Summits. We will be attending the AWS Public Sector Summit in Washington, D.C. from June 12-14, AWS Summit Chicago, June 24-26, and the AWS Summit London on June 28.

Why are we sponsoring these events?

As you know, around the world, cloud computing is now the foundation on which Fortune 500 companies and SMBs run their businesses. The latest State of the Cloud Report from RightScale found that 95% of respondents are using the cloud. Now, AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform are all shipping features super fast. Last year, Amazon Web Services alone shipped about 1,000 updates and features, which was twice what they rolled out in 2015. At this rate, we can expect 2017 to grow exponentially with up to 2,000 updates and feature rollouts. Keep in mind, the platforms are not only shipping new products but also changing their current main features as well.

The Value of continuous learning

Cloud computing platforms are evolving faster than ever and delivering new features at a breakneck pace. As a result, companies need to be able to adapt their systems quickly to best leverage all of the improvements and make the most out of their partnerships and investments, not to mention stay ahead of their competition. Consequently, your teams should have the most up-to-date and easily accessible training so that they can stay leveled-up, informed, and able to use all of the new tools and features across all the areas (storage, networking, compute, API, serverless, etc.).

Having your entire organization aligned on the new features, with skills to master them, gives your company development and product process speed. This is where Cloud Academy comes in. We are first in class with continuous learning. Our content will meet you where, and even ahead of where, you need to be. In addition to AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, we also have training for your peripherals: DevOps, Serverless, and all the other technologies running in your technology stack, which is constantly changing, too.

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