Cloud Academy Courses Are Online! Learn Cloud Computing With Our Courses

(Update) We’ve released some great new content over the past few years across Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, DevOps, and other cloud ecosystems. You can now learn cloud computing not only with video Courses, but also practice what you’ve learned with Hands-on Labs and test your skills with our Quizzes.

Visit Cloud Academy’s Training Library for the latest training material. New content and updates are added every month.

From the first day, our goal has been building a platform to let people learn how to use Cloud Computing. We didn’t want to create another “video academy” with thousands of videos and courses so we decided to launch a complete solution to learn how to use the Cloud Computing, starting with Amazon Web Services. It is our plan to offer vendor-neutral content on the Cloud Academy Library. 

Yesterday we launched Cloud Academy Courses, a new way to learn how to use a cloud computing platform. Right now when you sign-up in Cloud Academy you get thousands of quizzes with learning statements that help you learn how to use AWS. All of them are regulated by our Skill Assessment that “understands” what kind of content you need for your knowledge level.

Courses are a new system that gives you complete videos with audio and subtitles and guide you step by step. It is something our users have required for a long time, now we can offer also this training tools and we’ll soon make available a complete set of courses on how to use Amazon Web Services.

Right now you find all the courses from Enter Cloud Suite. This is an OpenStack platform created by Enter, an Italian ISP that is building a Cloud IaaS around Europe with OpenStack and many other open source technologies. They chose Cloud Academy to release the first 5 courses on how to start with Enter Cloud Suite. You can start now following one of the five courses for free, and you get a complete set of videos for each video.

We don’t want to bother our users with long-boring videos, so every Cloud Academy video will be always shorter than 5 minutes to let you go through a course in a few minutes!

Let’s see some screenshots of our new Cloud Academy Courses!

We are now working on our next batch of courses on Amazon AWS, they will be online in a couple of weeks from now.
Courses are only at the beginning, we are planning to add many features to this section and introduce great tools to let our users try directly what they learn on a course.

Stay tuned!

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