Connecting AWS VPC Resources Using CipherGraph Cloud VPN – Part 1

Since Amazon AWS has made the EC2-VPC as the default platform for using the AWS Computing resources, Amazon VPC will give great control over the AWS resources with respect to networking, IP Addressing, Security and Routing.

In VPC, we can completely isolate our resources in private networks which will give us good control of security and routing. But it is a little difficult, if Development and Cloud Support teams want to connect these private resources from their office LANs or homes or any other locations, we have a bunch of solutions available. I have stated a few options below.

Out of all available solutions, CipherGraph Cloud VPN is providing Cloud Access Gateway which is a Secure Access Gateway VM for your private cloud resources from anywhere with a secured VPN service.
It has some great features like:

  • Secure Remote Access VPN with Two Factor Authentication
  • Powerful Audit Support.
  • Integration with your Cloud or On-Premise LDAP or Active Directory for Users Authentication.
  • Enterprise Class Security features with mobile device support
  • It has In-browser Remote Desktop and SSH client applications
  • It supports all the Windows, Linux and Mac platforms with a Client Application.
  • It is offering this service as SaaS model licensing based on the number of user connections
  • Excellent support model with free of cost.
  • They are a certified partner with the Amazon AWS and presented in Marketplace.

This will solve the connectivity to your AWS Private resources from any part of the world. And, you can easily terminate the user’s access when not required.

I will cover the CipherGraph Cloud VPN implementation in my next article.

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