Introducing Nudge for Training Plans

Back in April, we launched Training Plans as a way to provide organizations the opportunity to gain greater control over the training process and address cloud skills development as an ongoing organizational activity.

With Training Plans, managers can assign high-quality learning content and skill assessments across organizations, leveraging our existing pre-built Learning Paths on cloud platform and ecosystem technologies or customized Training Plans that align with their unique technology stack. Already, many of our customers have moved their teams to Training Plans, reporting greater productivity, improved learning outcomes, and better preparedness for upcoming innovation projects.

However, we wanted to continue driving learning and engagement. With an understanding that training does not occur without proper accountability, we set out to create a tool to help organizations attain their desired training results.

Say hello to Nudge for Training Plans.

Nudge for Training Plans

With one click, administrators can remind teams to resume training or reach out for help during a Training Plan Cycle. It’s as easy as:

  • Accessing the appropriate Training Plan from your Cloud Academy Dashboard
  • Viewing your team progress and seeing who is behind on their training
  • Reaching out with a custom-tailored message as a reminder to pick up the pace

If you’re interested in seeing how you can accelerate your organization’s cloud training, login to your Cloud Academy account and try Nudge today.

Haven’t checked out Training Plans? See how your organization can assign, manage, and measure cloud training at scale and align learning efforts with your business needs by requesting a demo today.

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