Learning Cloud Computing With Quizzes And Learning Explanations

(Update) We’ve recently launched Skills Profiles, a visualization of your organization’s cloud competencies. Skills Profiles allows you to track your cloud computing training progress and understand how cloud knowledge advances over time across your organization’s teams and assess individuals’ skill sets using Knowledge Graph™.

We spent the last 2 months designing and improving our concept of “basic learning“. We started Cloud Academy as a platform to test your cloud computing skills and we moved it to a platform where you learn how to use cloud computing technologies, you test your skills along the way and you try to things by yourself. Even if the path wasn’t so clear at the beginning, we soon realized how important was to provide not only a testing system (our Quizzes) but also a learning system to let our members learning cloud computing technologies.

Questions and Learning explanations, how they work on CloudAcademy.com

As soon as you enter in CloudAcademy.com as a new member, we guide you through a Tour that shows all our sections and learning solutions. From Quizzes to Courses and Hands-on Labs. Part of it is dedicated to Quizzes and you can easily understand where is the value in this approach: we ask you to answer to a question (multiple choice) and then we show you a small learning explanation. This is text, like a small piece of a book, but in fact, we have plans to add way more inside this.

The key concept that you realize after some minutes is that you are testing your knowledge and at the same time you are learning some related to that topic or that cloud computing platform (think about the importance of VPC in Amazon Web Services and our dedicated set of questions and learning explanations).
With more than 500000+ questions and learning explanations served in less than a year, we know why our members are loving this learning “approach”. They are able to test their knowledge and expand it.

What’s next once you start using our learning approach?

What we did so far is only the surface of what it’s going to be a complete learning solution to help you test, learn and do things about cloud computing technologies. We are working in order to be able to present you not only text as a learning explanation but also video and rich content. In the meantime, we are increasing our number of Courses and our Hands-on Labs.

We are always looking for feedback and comments, feel free to tell us how you are using CloudAcademy.com and what you would like to see in the next months.

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