New Cloud Academy iOS App

We’re really excited to announce the first release of our new mobile app for iOS. This is the first step in bringing the full Cloud Academy experience from web to mobile, starting with quizzes.

If you already have a Cloud Academy subscription, all our content will be available to you. Otherwise, you can buy our mobile subscription which – for $3.99/month – will unlock all the app’s content. As a free user, you will not be able to take certification quizzes, but you can still enjoy our app with the free quizzes.

Now let’s have a closer look at how the app is structured and what you can do with it:

Featured Sessions: Start immediately with a session we have prepared for you. Get ready for AWS certification with this ad-hoc session specifically created to help you ramp-up for your exam.

Quiz Session set up: Want to test your skills on a particular provider or topic? In this section, you can choose between AWS, Google Cloud Computing, and Rackspace or pick up a specific topic such as Compute, Analytics, Application Services, and more.

Profile: One central place for all your account information. Keep track of your cloud computing skills with Cloud Academy’s Skill Assessment, and more!

Settings: Send us feedback, get additional information, or access the FAQ page.

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Cloud Academy App quizzes have two different modes. You can start a quiz as a Study session or simulate a time regulated Exam.

Featured quizzes (like certifications) already have the mode selected, otherwise, you can select the mode while setting up your session.

Study: This is the best mode for getting started with your training. You won’t face any particular limits. There is no timer and you can answer questions in any order. Each question’s answer page will also include a detailed explanation.


Exam: Try an experience much closer to the real thing. You will have only a limited amount of time to answer each question, and you’ll need to answer the questions in the order provided. You can’t go back!

At the end of each quiz, you’ll be shown a report with useful information on your performance.


What’s next?

In coming versions, we will add cool new features, like the ability to use the app in an offline mode, bookmark the explanation to read it later or resume a previous quiz session.

Please download the app now from the AppStore. If you have questions check out our Mobile FAQ section.

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