AWS Solutions Architect Professional Course: What You Can Learn

Update (March 2019) We’ve recently updated the AWS Solutions Architect Professional Certification Learning Path, that is the ideal path for those wanting to pass the AWS Solutions Architect – Professional Certification Exam.

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Cloud Academy has just released the first course in our Amazon Web Services Solutions Architect Professional level certification series. The thirteen videos that make up cloud expert Kevin Felichko’s latest course cover the essential terminology and services that lie at the core of Amazon cloud architecting.

While other Cloud Academy courses also address basic AWS services like EC2 compute or S3 and EBS storage, Kevin does it from the special perspective of an experienced deployment architect. Or, in other words, from the perspective, you’ll need if you want to pass the Solutions Architect professional exam.

The second course from this series exposes you to one of the core building blocks of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): Storage. AWS provides a wide range of storage services that allow you to architect the correct solution for your needs.

The certification demands the ability to architect and deploy AWS solutions for different scenarios following AWS’ best practices. The AWS Solution Architect Professional Certification requires you to be comfortable architecting, securing, migrating, optimizing deployments, and managing full production operations on AWS.

If you’ve already earned your AWS Solutions Architect Associate level certification, then maybe it’s time for you to move up to the next level.

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