New on Cloud Academy: Networking, Serverless, Big data, and more

This week on Cloud Academy, we’ve added new learning paths and hands-on labs in networking, serverless, big data, storage, and other cloud services that you need to know about in AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

Learning Paths

AWS Network Specialty Certification Exam

Advanced networking skills are essential for any IT team, whether you’re leading an AWS integration or implementing any hybrid architecture. This learning path is a deep dive into the world of building and connecting AWS services and solutions and is valuable for those pursuing certification or for anyone who would like to level-up their networking skills. In addition to 17 video courses, you’ll be able to troubleshoot and solve networking issues in six hands-on labs.
Serverless Computing on AWS for Developers

Serverless computing is changing the way that IT teams are using the cloud. It’s still early days for Serverless deployment for most enterprises, but it’s already replacing virtual machines in enterprise deployments and enabling dev teams to build applications across platforms. This learning path includes everything you need to know to start developing serverless applications using AWS services. In addition to video courses, you’ll be able to work directly with AWS CLI, AWS Lambda, and other AWS services in eight hands-on labs.
Getting Started with Azure

Azure’s support for Windows and Linux server workflows and increased demand for hybrid cloud deployments make the platform an attractive option for the enterprise. This learning path is a great way to learn about the main categories of Azure services and how they can be combined to create more powerful business solutions. Perfect if you’re new to Azure or if you’re considering migrating existing projects to the Azure cloud.
Google BigQuery

BigQuery is Google’s managed data warehouse in the cloud that makes it easy to store and query large datasets for business intelligence and other types of analysis. Across two in-depth video courses that include lots of demonstrations, you’ll learn fundamentals and how to use BigQuery for reducing costs, speeding up queries, and for implementing fine-grained access control.

Hands-on Labs

 Set up VPC Peering between Amazon VPCs

Working directly in the AWS console, you’ll learn how to deploy the front-end web and back-end API tiers of an application on AWS while maintaining the database in your on-premise data center.
Using Amazon ECS for Blue-Green Deployments

Amazon’s EC2 Container Registry (ECR) is integrated with its EC2 Container Service (ECS) to streamline your development and deployment operations. In this hands-on lab, you will work in the AWS console to build two Docker container images with Amazon CodeBuild, push the images to ECR, and perform a blue-green deployment operation using ECS.
Working with Azure Storage using PowerShell

Working directly in a live Azure console, you will get hands-on experience with different types of storage available in Azure. In this lab, you will set up an image storage account that stores raw images as block blobs. Using PowerShell, you’ll connect all the parts (working with Azure Table and Azure Queue) and generate Shared Access Signature (SAS) tokens for accessing the images.
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