The First Google Cloud Course Lands on Cloud Academy

(Update) Since publishing this post, we’ve released some great new content on Google Cloud Platform on the Cloud Academy training library, including Machine Learning on Google Cloud Platform, Google Data Engineer Exam Professional Certification Preparation, and Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals. Visit the Google Cloud Platform training library for all training content.

Google Cloud Platform is a long-awaited topic for courses by our members on Cloud Academy. As we are filling our platform with brand new content every day, we get more and more requests from you to have content about GCP, which is a growing and more and more used cloud platform that is gathering many fans from all over the world. That’s why I’m so pleased with having just published Introduction to the Google Cloud Platform course!

Introduction to Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform is a very big family of different cloud services, ranging from a standard IaaS like Google Compute Engine to a well appreciated and famous PaaS like Google App Engine, to very interesting stuff for Big Data like BigQuery, an area where Google was able to put all its experience in the field.

This Google Cloud course crafted by our Cloud Expert and Linux System Administrator David Clinton is a beginner-level introduction to GCP, which will give you a good overview of the set of services available.

The course starts with a nice introduction to warm you up and better understand why GCP can be a viable alternative to AWS and the other cloud providers. Then, David will make you jump straight into Google Compute Engine, showing you the steps to create your first GCE instance. It’s easier than you might expect, but our teacher will tell you some tips and hints to better understand the many options that you have available.

After the second lecture, time for some quizzes! This is a brand new feature of our website, and I’m sure you’ll like it. You will be asked a few quizzes from our broad set of questions to help you commit to memory what you have just learned. If you wish, you can skip them and go straight to the next lecture, but I guess many of you will appreciate the quiz phase in between lectures.

The second part of the course broadens the view to slightly more advanced topics, like Software Stacks and three other important concepts in GCP: Projects, Disks, and Snapshots. The CLI-lovers out there will love the penultimate lecture about Gcloud, the Command Line Interface that Google created to interface with its services. Then, a final video about the integration of GCP with the other Google resources, and another round of questions crafted by the Cloud Star Jankiram MSV will complete your learning path.

More Google Cloud Courses coming soon

The best is yet to come though as we have another Google Cloud course almost ready for publishing and many more in our roadmap. The next one will specifically be about Google Compute Engine and will give you a focused overview of the core service in GCP. If you want to take a look at what’s next in our Upcoming Content. And don’t forget to share your feedback with us about the new features of quizzes within courses, we are looking forward to reading your opinions!

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