Webinar Next Tuesday: Processing Large Data Sets on AWS Using Batchly

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Are you keen on large data sets processing? Whether it is image processing, video encoding or other batch processing jobs (like periodic report generation, healthcare data processing, and more), chances are you should harness cloud technologies to get things done soon, cheaply and with great flexibility.

Batchly by 47Line, one of our best partners and authors of many posts you already read on our blog, is a great tool to have on your side while performing such complex computing tasks. It makes it easy to schedule, manage and run large processing jobs using AWS‘ on-demand & spot instances while abstracting all the complexities around using AWS. Batchly can show off an exclusive adaptive algorithm which analyses your processing needs and optimizes infrastructure allocation and utilization, harnessing massive parallelism and an automated management system, all designed in the perspective of an enterprise-level security Next Tuesday, Paddy Raghavan, Jithendra Balakrishnan, respectively co-founder and cloud architect of 47 Line Technologies and yours truly will host a webinar to discuss how to process large data sets on AWS using Batchly. We will be your hosts for about half an hour to show you the many great features about Batchly, and how to get the advantage of it.

So, if you are as excited as me about this webinar, save the date and register for it. The webinar is scheduled for Tuesday, June 17th, at 5:00 PM UTC. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

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