Windows Server on EC2: Hands-on Guide to Launching Windows Services on AWS

Windows server on EC2 instances

For many practical reasons, cloud computing is most often associated with the open-source Linux operating system. However, there are many use-case scenarios that simply require having a Microsoft Windows server running in the cloud. Perhaps, for instance, you’ve got…

  • a web app written in .NET
  • a need for media transcoding
  • a need to integrate with locally hosted Windows-based resources
  • a need to please developers who are simply more comfortable working within the Windows ecosystem

Whatever the reason, cloud-based projects sometimes require a working Microsoft Windows environment in the cloud. To meet the needs of this significant market segment, Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers fully supported, pre-built Windows machine images in a number of flavors. In fact, AWS-supported AMIs include images based on MS Windows Server 2003, 2008, and 2012 editions.

By happy coincidence, just last week we published a blog post by Cloud Academy blog author, Aaron Saikovski, describing a hybrid model where Windows workloads are seamlessly deployed from an AWS virtual instance.

A step-by-step guide to launching a Windows server on EC2

And now, by still-happier coincidence, you can actually try launching your own Windows server instance on the AWS through Cloud Academy’s brand new Create your first Amazon EC2 Instance (Windows) lab! Using our safe, guided hands-on lab, you can configure and launch an Amazon EC2 instance running Windows Server edition in just a few minutes.

Create Your First Amazon EC2 Instance (Windows) Lab

If you think there may be a need for a Windows server on ec2 in your future, you owe it to yourself to take this terrific new entry in our quickly growing library of practical, hands-on guides to AWS cloud skills.

The Windows Server on Amazon Web Service’s EC2 lab is brought to you by our very own senior DevOps engineer and final source of all technical wisdom, Antonio Angelino.

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