New AWS Learning Paths for Auditing & Monitoring, Governance, Risk & Compliance

The ever-changing nature of cloud computing in Amazon Web Services makes having visibility of your resources invaluable. Not only will you need to understand which resources you have and how they’re performing, in some cases, you will also need to ensure that they are compliant with specific government or other regulatory controls. AWS CloudTrail and AWS Config are two important AWS services that can help you monitor your resource configurations. These services are central in two of our newest learning paths now available on Cloud Academy: AWS Auditing & Monitoring and AWS Governance & Compliance.

Each learning path includes a variety of video courses, hands-on labs, and quizzes to make it easy for you to be able to apply what you’ve learned in your AWS projects.

New on Cloud Academy: AWS Auditing & Monitoring Learning Path

AWS Auditing & Monitoring
Having a detailed view of your AWS infrastructure is key to a finely tuned environment.  Knowing what resources you have, where they are, their current status, how they are performing and where improvements can be made ensures your resources and costs are maintained at an optimum level.

The AWS Auditing & Monitoring Learning Path will show you how to Audit and Monitor your AWS infrastructure.
In this learning path, Cloud Academy instructors will introduce you to essential services including AWS CloudTrail, AWS Config, Trusted Advisor, and CloudWatch, and you’ll have a chance to work directly on the AWS platform to try your hand at several operations using our hands-on labs.

Here’s what you will learn

  • What AWS CloudTrail does and how each of its components can be configured
  • How to use AWS CloudTrail to configure trails and set up controls and permissions
  • How AWS Config allows you to have visibility of your entire AWS infrastructure from a configuration perspective
  • How AWS Config integrates with other AWS services such as SNS, S3, and CloudTrail
  • How to use AWS Config to track and audit security changes
  • How to configure and manage the AWS Trusted Advisor console to improve your infrastructure/li>
  • How to configure a CloudWatch event on Trusted Advisor.
  • How to use AWS CloudWatch to monitor EC2 and other resources
  • Advanced techniques for logging on AWS, going beyond the basic uses of CloudWatch Metrics, CloudWatch Logs, and health monitoring systems
  • How  to monitor AWS CloudTrail events with AWS CloudWatch

New on Cloud Academy: AWS Governance & Compliance Learning Path

AWS Governance & Compliance
Maintaining governance and compliance within the cloud is just as important as maintaining it on-premise.  AWS provides a number of tools and services to help you implement, govern and control your environment to ensure you are able to confidently apply the relevant deployments, policies, and procedures to adhere to any requirements needed such as ISO, HIPAA, or PCI DSS.

The AWS Governance & Compliance Learning Path gives you an understanding of cloud governance and compliance within AWS and the cloud. You will understand how governance, risk, and compliance are defined in AWS and how different AWS services can be utilized to help you maintain your AWS infrastructure for these elements.

Watch this short video on AWS CloudTrail taken from the learning path:


Here’s what you will learn:

        • A full understanding of security basics including risk assessments, security governance, and monitoring, root cause analysis and more to understand where and how much security is needed for resource optimization.
        • How to model resource governance and compliance lifecycle
        • How to use AWS CloudTrail for help with AWS API call audits
        • How to use CloudWatch Alarms and Metrics for billing
        • How to maintain compliance using AWS Config and best practices for using it to support your AWS environment
        • How to use AWS Config rules and timelines for compliance checks, and to track and audit security changes
        • How to take actionable steps with Trusted Advisor to improve your AWS infrastructure

The basic techniques and technologies for the governance of enterprise AWS accounts using AWS Config Rules, IAM monitoring techniques, AWS CloudTrail, and core reporting tools.

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