AWS Solutions Architect Course Part #2 is Now Available

(Update) We’ve recently updated the learning path to prepare for the AWS Solutions Architect Associate certification. On top of that, we’ve also released some great new content to prepare for all AWS certifications, visit Cloud Academy’s AWS library for the latest.

The CloudAcademy AWS Solutions Architect course for the Associate Level certification is really hitting it big. In just a week or so after we launched the first part, more than 200 people already watched it to prep for the AWS certification, and I got some enthusiastic emails from people showing their appreciation for the great work David did in crafting that course.

I expect you all will be as much as pleased in finding that yesterday we just launched part #2 of this great course, this time focusing on networking on AWS, quite a central part of the whole thing.
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Part #2 of the CloudAcademy AWS Solutions Architect course

While the first of the three parts focused on AWS foundations and on the core services like EC2, S3, and IAM, this second tutorial deals a huge amount of time to VPC, which is quite a strategic service in the whole AWS and probably one of the most used ones by Solutions Architects. VPC is not an easy one, it’s complex and broad and very rich of different features, and actually, any advanced networking can be really complicated and confusing. David deals 3 whole lectures to all the aspects of VPC so that you can get all the notions you need to pass the exam.

Apart from VPC, this second part is also about other important networking services like Route53 and CloudFront and deals some attention to CloudWatch too, the monitoring service in the AWS family. Anyway, midway along the course, there is a nice break with a practical example, that is building basic infrastructure for a 2-tier web application taking in due accounts the concepts of high-availability and the good practices that AWS recommends while designing architectures. HA, FT and other key concepts to boost the reliability of your infrastructures will be the essential topic of the third course that we will publish next week. In the meantime, this small break is a nice intermezzo to break your learning session. It also deals with some of the basic skills needed to perform basic administration on an ordinary Linux server, a knowledge that comes in handy too while tackling the certification.

Adding CloudCareer and labs for better training

And don’t forget that CloudAcademy is not only learning, it’s also testing and doing too. CloudCareer is your best friend while prepping for the AWS Certifications. It’s a dedicated product consisting of a set of paths that have been carefully designed to closely match the questions you will find in the real AWS exam. Each path is made up of 250 questions (many more than the AWS exam itself!), covering all the topic you will be asked about during the exam. If you get a good score in CloudCareer, chances are that you will pass the AWS exam too. And as always with our quizzes, after each question you will get a Teaching Point, that is a short statement about the question’s topic, which will go deeper into details and will help you improve your knowledge even more.

Further, our labs will complete your set of tools for getting ready for the certifications, and thanks to all the great news we announced yesterday, you now have a really powerful set of tools to get ready for the AWS certifications.

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