Cloud Academy Training Tips

Training Tip #001: Install the App

We know it’s tough to stay on track. That’s why we’re introducing Cloud Academy’s new training tips to help you stay motivated to study. Let’s dive right into why we think this tip deserves the top spot. 

📴Study in offline mode

To do this, you’ll need to install the app first and then download your training content. You can study anytime you’re without data or a WiFi signal. Just think about how much study time you can pack into your next flight or while you’re on the metro.

🖥️Cast to Chromecast

You now have the capability to cast your training content directly to your TV using both the iOS and Andriod apps. It’s simple. Just go the app, click the cast icon, and sit back on your couch and relax.

💥Continuous improvement

We’ve made a lot of recent updates to enhance app performance to make it blazingly fast and improve your overall experience. If you don’t want to take my word for it, just check it out for yourself.

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Want to try our new “magic” link?

We made it even easier to download the app. Just go to your Cloud Academy Dashboard > click “Download mobile app” > add your phone number > click “Send me the link.” It’s that simple.

Download mobile app

Already using the app?

If you’re already using the app, please take a moment to add a review on Google Play or the App Store. If you love it, tell us! If you don’t love it, let us know how we can improve. We’re constantly updating our app with your feedback in mind.


Written by

Andrew Larkin

Andrew is an AWS certified professional who is passionate about helping others learn how to use and gain benefit from AWS technologies. Andrew has worked for AWS and for AWS technology partners Ooyala and Adobe. His favorite Amazon leadership principle is "Customer Obsession" as everything AWS starts with the customer. Passions around work are cycling and surfing, and having a laugh about the lessons learnt trying to launch two daughters and a few start ups.

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