4 New Webinars for July 2016: Ansible, AWS Lambda, A/B Testing Algorithms in the Cloud, and Office Hours

Hello! This is Stefano. It’s been a while since my last post on our blog. I’ve been busy working with our great team at Cloud Academy, but I would like to use this article today to talk about something we’ve been really enjoying these last few months: doing cloud training webinars with you guys!

In June alone we had almost 2000 of you following our live webinars at Cloud Academy!
The great part? There are two, actually: they are completely free (yes, free!) and you can rewatch all of them here in our library! Joining us live is even better, as we usually have questions and answers with our expert team at the end of each session.

Who runs these webinars? Our team, of course! Everyone from our content team to our engineering and product team participate to make them as valuable as possible. It’s not a secret we are in love with cloud technologies and we use webinars to teach to our customers about new experiments, tools and technologies we implement here at Cloud Academy or that we enjoy using.

This month, we have some great topics to cover. Be sure to register as soon as possible! Last time, we maxed out all the available seats in a few days after our email, but this time we have more available – although they are going quickly 🙂 Thank you for helping us building this incredible series with more and more feedback every time, and feel free to send us suggestions or ask questions the comments below.
Ready? Let’s talk about our 4 upcoming cloud webinars!

1. AWS Lambda Coding Session with our Sr. Engineer Alex Casalboni – July 14th – Register now for free!

AWS Lambda
This is Alex Casalboni taking us through AWS Lambda with a live coding session. Lambda became incredibly popular in the cloud industry and it contributed to create the Serverless movement, something we’ve covered in our last webinar with Austin the creator of the Serverless framework.

Coding Session with AWS Lambda will be live on July 14th at 11AM Pacific Time – Register now to reserve your free seat!

2. Introduction to Ansible with our DevOps Engineer Ben Lambert – July 18th – Register now for free!

You’ve heard about Ansible, right? If not, go and check out our free Introduction to DevOps course at Cloud Academy, and you will learn why Ansible is one of the most important tools today in the DevOps industry and definitely one that has been very popular in the last 12 months. Our DevOps Engineer and Trainer, Ben Lambert, will introduce you to Ansible with a very guided approach, explaining how and why we should use it in our infrastructure and what kind of benefits we can get out of it.

Introduction to Ansible will be live on July 18th at 11AM (Pacific Time). Register now for free!

3. A/B Testing Data-Driven Algorithms in the Cloud with our Sr. Data Scientist, Roberto Turrin – July 25th – Register now for free!

Let’s take a look at some of our daily challenges at Cloud Academy building A/B tests for data-driven algorithms. Our Sr. Data Scientist, Roberto, will guide us through the idea and the objective behind this to understand how we used the cloud to A/B test our algorithms.

A/B Testing Data-Driven Algorithms in the Cloud will be live on July 25th at 11AM (Pacific Time). Register now for free!

4. Cloud Academy Office Hours – July 28th – Register now for free!

Cloud Academy Office Hours
Have a question about your cloud training or careers in the industry? Our expert instructors are here to answer any questions you might have. It’s first come first serve, so be sure to sign up ASAP and get there on time to submit your question. We look forward to meeting you!

Cloud Academy Office Hours will be live on July 28th at 11AM (Pacific Time). Register now for free!


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