Inside the Cloud – Episode 1: AWS Identity and Access Management, AWS Security, and Compliance News

Each week, we speak with dozens of leaders working within the Cloud ecosystem. One theme recurs across these conversations with CTOs, CIOs, Architects, Engineers, Managers, VPs, DevOps, and business leaders: the best teams are constantly seeking ways to enable effective decision-making when it comes to selecting, deploying, and operating technologies in the cloud.

So, today, we’re excited to announce a new video series from Cloud Academy called Inside the Cloud.

From security and compliance to continuous integration and continuous delivery, Inside the Cloud helps you stay on top of the latest news from by the leading cloud infrastructure vendors: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and more. Each jam-packed episode is less than five minutes.

In episode 1, Stuart Scott, AWS Trainer and Security Expert at Cloud Academy, talks about five different updates from Amazon: AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM), three points on AWS Microsoft Active Directory (AD), and the Web Application Firewall Service (WAF).

Stuart will talk you through:

  • The release of a new whitepaper explaining how to mitigate against the Open Web Application Security Project, OWASPS’s top 10 web application vulnerabilities;
  • The availability of AWS Directory Service, Enterprise Edition, known as AWS Microsoft AD within a new Region
  • How to increase AWS Microsoft AD redundancy and performance using domain controllers
  • How to use AWS Microsoft AD to help maintain HIPAA and PCI DSS compliance
  • A new feature of IAM that remembers specific view and edit preferences

Watch now!

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