New Cloud Academy Lab: Create Your First Amazon RDS Database

Thanks to the commendable work of our Senior DevOps Engineer Antonio Angelino, we are launching the third Hands-on on the Cloud Academy platform: Create Your First Amazon RDS Database Hands-on Lab, to get you started with your first RDS database.

Hands-on Labs are one of the most interesting features of our platform. They allow you to learn Cloud Computing doing real things on real cloud resources, thanks to the exclusive technology that we developed. As soon as you start a lab, a private environment is created where you can perform all the tasks that you are asked to get done. In fact, each Hands-on Labs is made up of a series of steps that you need to complete progressively. Our Labs technology will track your work and will move you further to the next step as soon as you accomplish one.. Also, if it notices that you are stuck at something, it will give you hints to help you go ahead. There is nothing better than doing practice on real stuff to learn something, and Cloud Academy Hands-on Labs are your best friend to do that.

In particular, this new lab will walk you through the creation of your first RDS database. As you might know already, RDS is a web service that makes it easy to set up, operate, and scale a relational database in the cloud. It supports many engines like PostgreSQL, MSSQL, and MySQL, which is the one you will work with during this laboratory. Your first task is to create the RDS instance you will work on. This step will take some minutes, as AWS is not so quick in launching RDS instances. But no worries, you will be notified by your browser as soon as it is ready, so, for example, you are free to do some RDS quizzes while you wait for it to be ready.

Once done, your next task is to set up a Security Group rules, then connect to your RDS instance and create a table inside your database. This task is greatly simplified by the preconfigured console you can launch in another tab of your browser to start the connection. Finally, to complete your lab you just need to destroy the instance you created. It will take a few minutes waiting for AWS to complete the instance deletion, but once done, you have successfully completed your lab!

You will be delighted to know that we will release another lab very soon, and it will be on Elastic Load Balancer. If you want to see what we are working on for the weeks to come, check Cloud Academy’s Upcoming Content, where you will find all the details about our upcoming content.

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