Automated Data Management with EBS, S3, and Glacier: New Course

I’m quite happy to see one more course in our collection of resources on the Cloud Academy Training Library. This time it’s about setting up an automated data management systems on EBS, S3 and Glacier.

Try imagine a scenario where an organization, like a group of scientists, or a pharmaceutical company, deals with massive amounts of data that needs to be collected an analyzed. They would probably need a storage area to gather the incoming data, some computing power to analyze them and another storage to store the output to, and eventually a long-term storage system to save the precious raw data and the results of the analysis. Setting up an architecture like that on-premises can be challenging, and quite expensive too. But things can be different on the cloud, and its’ not that difficult to set up an automated backup and data management system which is cost-effective and reliable.

Showing what tools can be used, and how to build a good infrastructure with them, is the purpose of the new course that the experienced Linux System Administrator and Cloud Expert David Clinton crafted for you. He will teach you how to get started with EBS, S3, and Glacier, and in particular how to programmatically access and manage the resources available there. Then, the core part of the course will be about the central pieces of the whole infrastructure. S3’s Versioning and Lifecycle policies will be used to store multiple version of the same objects and to automatically store data on a reliable and cheap service like Glacier. Also, David will introduce Data Pipeline, a very powerful service that can be deployed in our architecture quite easily and quickly. Finally, the problem of costs will be faced, and we will see how cost-effective this combination of AWS services can be.

This course is targeted at people who already have some experience with AWS, but you will probably be able to get the most of it even if you are totally new to it. Some knowledge about programming and about the Linux shell might be a good addition too.

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