New Course: Static Website Hosting, Storage and Content Delivery on AWS

The internet we experience today is so rich in dynamic websites, isn’t it? Many of the websites we visit daily (Cloud Academy included, of course), deliver dynamic content, customized and tailored according to the user needs. Nevertheless, there are still so many websites that rely on client-side javascript to enrich static HTML pages. In those cases, the server side load is so small that setting up a whole EC2 instance, or any other kind of web server, is just overkill.
Static Website Hosting, Storage and Content Delivery on AWS
In cases like that, it’s possible to achieve great results performance-wise, and with a great security standard, using just S3 for storage and CloudFront for content delivery, taking advantage of the S3’s option for website hosting. In the new course: Static Website Hosting, Storage, and Content Delivery on AWS, our Senior DevOps Engineer Antonio Angelino will reveal you everything you need to know to build your S3-based infrastructure for Static Website Hosting in the Cloud.

Antonio will teach you how to enable S3 for website hosting, to then move to the configuration of CloudFront. Taking advantage of the many CloudFront’s edge locations, it’s easy to achieve low latency and deliver your website to your users with very high speed. The mix is completed by Route53, which can be configured quite easily and allows you to redirect your personal domain to S3, with the added bonus of removing the ugly URLs that are typical of S3 and CloudFront. The last bit of the infrastructure is Glacier, that can be configured to automatically backup the whole website from S3 to a vault for long-term storage.

It’s a beginner to intermediate level course, so some understanding of the services described in the course is necessary to attend the course proficiently. Nevertheless, even if you are totally unfamiliar with AWS, you can probably still get the key points if you have some experience with website hosting. If you need to improve your knowledge about AWS, check out our other AWS training resources on the Cloud Academy’s Library where you can test your knowledge and learn at the same time with our exclusive technology.

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