New Hands-on Lab: Create your First Amazon S3 Bucket

One of the most amazing things I see here in Cloud Academy is the amount of feedback we get from our members, who send lots of emails daily to tell us how good Cloud Academy is for them to learn Cloud, what we should improve, and what new content they would like to see soon. In fact, there is an area in our platform that you were really looking forward to seeing growing, and that area is our exclusive Hands-on Labs technology. Today’s good news for you is that we just added a brand new Hands-on Lab Create Your First Amazon S3 Bucket to our batch, and it is about AWS S3, a nice addition to the existing Hands-on Lab Create Your First Amazon EC2 Instance on Windows.

Hands-on Labs are something that we started recently, and they are an extremely valuable resource to learn cloud. It’s something our Senior DevOps Engineer Antonio Angelino started as his own project, and we got totally in love with it, to the point that now Hands-on Labs are a cornerstone in our platform. Each Lab assigns you a goal, like “create a bucket in S3” or “launch your EC2 instance”, then you start working in the real AWS console, operating on real cloud resources. In the background, our Lab system will monitor your actions, will check if you have completed your task, will give you hints if it notices you are a little puzzled about how going further, will warn you if you did something wrong and got far afield. It’s a really amazing technology, and I can really see why you were so warmly waiting for more Labs.

So, Antonio just added this second lab on S3 buckets which is now live and available. I already had a sneak peak of it, and I was glad to see how smooth the whole process is. Your first task will be to create an S3 bucket, then you are asked to create a directory inside it, and to upload a file into it. The second part is about advanced features: it will ask you to edit the permissions of the file to make it available from the internet, to edit its metadata, and eventually to delete your bucket for good, which is the final step to complete the bucket. If you never had a chance to try S3, and are wondering how it works, this Lab is the best way to learn by doing on the real AWS cloud.

We are working on more Hands-on Labs that will be delivered during this month, as you can see from our Upcoming Training material. The next ones will be on Creating Your First RDS Database and Creating Your First Classic Load Balancer, and more will follow soon. Please, keep sharing your feedback with us to drive us in the right direction. Feel free to write to to give us suggestions or to tell us what you would like to see soon on Cloud Academy.

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