New on Cloud Academy, November ’17: Scenario-Based Learning Paths

Building on public clouds often means finding the best solution to a business problem. Understanding how to evaluate requirements, consider options and recommend the right approach comes with experience. Cloud Academy’s scenario-based learning paths give you and your team exposure to how experts tackle real-world challenges and the opportunity to hone those skills yourselves.

Scenarios are hands-on and interactive, combining video courses, brainstorming sessions, chalk talks, live console labs, and quiz sessions.

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Selecting a Cloud Platform and Designing a Highly Available Business Solution

With practice building cloud solutions comes the expertise you need to determine which services will work best to deliver on a particular requirement. Sit shoulder-to-shoulder with experienced professionals designing a cloud solution. This scenario starts by covering requirements, priorities, and constraints. Next, the team evaluates how different platforms—AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform—could be used to meet those requirements, and design solution architectures. Finally, see how to run a price comparison and build a proof of concept. Interactive discussions give you insight into the decision-making process, and labs give you hands-on experience building solutions.

Scenario: Selecting a Cloud Platform and Designing a Highly Available Business Solution
Selecting a Cloud Platform Scenario

Migrating From an End-of-Life Data Center to AWS

This deep dive into planning for, designing, and implementing the migration of a data center will help teams learn how to approach similar scenarios in the real world. Join the Cloud Academy AWS team for a first-hand look at the process. Understand business drivers and evaluate technical requirements. Learn to time-box the migration plan into phases (and everything in between). Nothing is scripted. This is your unique view into the problem-solving process with a series of brainstorming sessions. A variety of hands-on labs give you practice using some of the services applied in our design.

Scenario: Migrating From an End-of-Life Data Center to AWS
Migrating from End-of-Life Center

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