New Updates for the AWS Console

As part of our daily job, we spend a lot of time learning and improving our content about AWS. We update our content, quizzes and learning statements on a regular basis and so we pay a lot of attention to news and system updates about different cloud computing vendors. Starting from this week we’ll publish a lot of updates about single announcements from AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Rackspace Cloud, Microsoft Azure and IBM and so, so you can have a unique place to look at the news in each platform.

New updates for the AWS Console

Jeff Barr just posted an update on the AWS’s blog speaking about some news on the AWS Console. This is a tool you use on a daily basis to manage your AWS instances, so a new update means a great improvement also on the usability side.

The most important changes are:

  • Easily create a new security group based on an existing one using ‘Copy to new’
  • Manage inbound and outbound VPC security group rules directly from within the EC2 console
  • Locate resources that are associated with one another such as a snapshot that is associated to an EBS volume using deep links
  • Easily compare Spot pricing across AZs using the Spot Pricing History graph
  • Manage the tags of your Spot requests in the EC2 Console

You can find a detail of all the new changes in Jeff Barr’s blog post 0n Amazon EC2 console improvements .

The AWS is becoming more and more complete: this is particularly good for people that are starting using AWS, you can now manage an entire AWS infrastructure within the console, the real challenge is now making it even simpler to use even if with more and more services from AWS.

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