Most people think of quizzes as simply a way to test your knowledge, and certainly this is part of their value. But, assessment can – and should – play a much larger role in learning, and at Cloud Academy we have designed our quiz questions to not just test your knowledge of cloud computing, but also to help you actively develop it. This is why we consider the “explanation” of the correct answer so important, and why we include a link to relevant documentation so you can use the quizzes to learn more about the topic.
We have thousands of quiz questions live on the site, with new ones published every week. Some portion of those live questions, which are current and accurate as I write this blog post, may be out of date by the time you read them. The one constant in the cloud is that it is always changing. But, if you’re using our quizzes to learn, you need to feel confident that they’re always accurate and up to date.

In recent months, our team undertook a massive project to review and update every existing quiz question on the site. We had a team of subject matter experts make sure the questions, answers, and explanations were technically accurate, and the links to the documentation current, and then we had experts in assessment review the language to make sure they were clear, well written, and would truly help our users test and build their knowledge.

Making sure questions are accurate right now doesn’t mean they’re going to be accurate tomorrow. AWS had more than 50 updates to their services this month alone, and the other cloud platforms aren’t far behind. Our content needs to be constantly updated so that our students are up to date, and we now have a process in place to review all of our quiz items on a rolling basis. Every time a provider makes an update on their end, we flag the impacted Cloud Academy quizzes, and have a subject matter expert review them.

The goal of the content team at Cloud Academy is to build the highest quality content for our students to help enable them to gain the knowledge and the skills they need to build successful cloud careers. This development with our quizzes is just one of the ways we’re making sure we do that. I’m looking forward to telling you about other content improvements underway in future posts!

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