AWS Barcelona Meetup: Danilo Poccia talks about Serverless on AWS

AWS Barcelona Meetup

AWS Barcelona Meetup: Serverless Architectures on AWS Danilo Poccia, Technical Evangelist at Amazon Web Services attended at AWS Barcelona Meetup. At our 1st AWS Barcelona Meetup, Danilo talked about serverless architectures in AWS, starting with […]

5 DevOps Tools You Need to Know

devops tools

Here Are 5 DevOps Tools Designed to Streamline Your Engineering Pipeline As the DevOps industry continues to grow, there are a variety of tools and platforms growing alongside it. To help you better understand the DevOps landscape […]

Webinar Recap: Interview with Greg Cockburn

If you missed our webinar interview with Greg Cockburn, don’t worry – we have it recorded for you here. You can also check out the SoundCloud podcast for the webinar here.  Be sure to click […]

New Course: Introduction to Docker

Docker has become a mainstay in the DevOps world, and Cloud Academy has released a new course called Introduction to Docker in order to gently introduce you to this incredible technology. We’re very excited to […]

What You Need to Know about the AWS C++ SDK

For those developers who won’t leave home without C++, Amazon has some good news for you: version 1.0 of the AWS SDK for C++ has recently been released for use in production projects. AWS developed the […]

New Course: Should Your Business Move to the Cloud?

should your business move to the cloud

Are you a business owner or manager trying to determine if the cloud is a good fit for your organization? If so, our new course – Should Your Business Move to the Cloud? – developed by our […]

DevOps Fundamentals: New Learning Path

intro to devops cover image

DevOps is a growing field that encompasses the automation, standardization, and formalization of development and deployment. In today’s development teams and software companies, there’s a disconnect between development and operations. Many times, software developers will write the […]