5 good reasons to migrate on Azure public cloud

5 reason to move to Azure Public Cloud

Azure public cloud: For companies interested in moving to the cloud, Microsoft Azure is one of the most complete public cloud platforms available. With so many providers and features to choose from in this growing, […]

DynamoDB vs MongoDB: a comparision

DynamoDB vs MongoDB

DynamoDB vs MongoDB: whenever we are developing a system, the key factor of the system will be the database. The complete success of the system depends mainly on the database system you choose. Here in […]

How Azure cloud is conquering the enterprise public cloud

Azure Cloud

Azure Cloud and Enterprise market: it is always difficult writing about one product’s strengths and “momentum” in a market of competing players. The risk of bias to one product or company is always high. Without any […]

Amazon Web Services – Transit VPC

Amazon Web Services Transit VPC

Amazon Web Services Transit vpc: Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure and networks can be connected to each other and other non-AWS infrastructures using the Amazon Web Services VPC i.e. Amazon Virtual Private Cloud. Before we […]

Cloud computing impact on business

Cloud Computing impact on business

Cloud computing impact on business: deciding to move your business to the cloud is not the end of the journey, but rather the beginning. While the focus tends to be on the period of migration, […]

AWS Barcelona Meetup: Danilo Poccia talks about Serverless on AWS

AWS Barcelona Meetup

AWS Barcelona Meetup: Serverless Architectures on AWS Danilo Poccia, Technical Evangelist at Amazon Web Services attended at AWS Barcelona Meetup. At our 1st AWS Barcelona Meetup, Danilo talked about serverless architectures in AWS, starting with […]

5 DevOps Tools You Need to Know

devops tools

Here Are 5 DevOps Tools Designed to Streamline Your Engineering Pipeline As the DevOps industry continues to grow, there are a variety of tools and platforms growing alongside it. To help you better understand the DevOps landscape […]