How Does Cloud Computing Work?

how does cloud computing work

Just getting started? Whether you’re looking to become a cloud engineer or you’re a manager wanting to learn more about this industry, learn the basics about cloud computing here. Are you wondering about how cloud […]

Harnessing the Power of Big Data Analysis on AWS

big data puzzle

Like a jigsaw puzzle, there are many components in the AWS big data ecosystem. Read this article and see how the components fit together to form a beautiful whole. If you are a data engineer, wouldn’t it […]

How to Deploy Apache Storm on AWS with Storm-Deploy

Apache Storm - Kafka

The growing pressures of dealing with data at massive scale require purpose-built solutions. Meet Apache Storm and Apache Kafka. In our hyper-connected world, countless sources generate real-time information 24 hours per day. Rich streams of data […]

The Basics of Azure Resource Manager

Azure Resource Manager

How Azure Resource Manager Helps You Coordinate Effectively and Deploy Interdependent Entities Azure Resource Manager (ARM) is a new way to deploy and manage the services in your application. You can interact with ARM from Azure Management […]

Unikernels and the Future of Cloud Computing

Unikernels i

Editor’s Note At the time of writing, Docker had not yet acquired Unikernel Systems, and it’s remarkable that Vineet more or less predicted this acquisition. You’re going to gain a solid understanding of the context […]

New Course: Introduction to Continuous Integration

Intro to Continuous Integration

The Ideal Course for DevOps Beginners Who Want to Learn about Continuous Integration Hey folks! You’ll be happy to know that Cloud Academy has recently published a brand-new course called Introduction to Continuous Integration by our expert DevOps instructor Ben Lambert. […]

How to Use Consistency Models for Amazon Web Services

Consistency Models for AWS

If you’re interested in learning how consistency models on AWS can help you write stable, reliable applications, then this is the article for you. By following a consistency model, your application’s memory will remain consistent and […]

ServerlessConf: A Brief Recap of the Latest Serverless News


What makes serverless a trending technology and why did we meet last week in NYC to discuss its future? We proudly attended the first Serverless Conference ever on May 26-27th 2016, in Brooklyn. Personally, it’s been […]