A Fresh New Look for CloudAcademy.com

(Update) We’ve recently released some new product features to further enhance your training experience:

Hands-on Labs, live cloud environments for your team to build and validate practical experience directly on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Docker, Kubernetes, data pipelines, and much more.

Training Plans will help you assign, manage, and measure structured cloud training at scale.

Skill Assessments will help you trend your team’s aptitude by platform, domain, and topic and identify possible skill gaps.

We’ve been also busy creating a robust solution for organizations who are looking to upskill their teams. With a premier cloud ecosystem library, the ability to assign training plans, extend and customize training for the organization, Cloud Academy’s Enterprise plan is the most effective way to launch an enterprise technology training program at scale.

Readers can explore the latest trends in technical skills in demand for Cloud Architects using Cloud Roster™, the data-driven job role matrix updated weekly.

It has been quite a long time since our website has been completely redrawn in October 2013. During this time Cloud Academy has grown a lot, reaching a base of more than 6000 quizzes and learnings, members in more than 100 Countries from all over the world, the first courses getting launched, a lot of changes under the hood to make the whole platform as fast and secure as possible.

Now, after 7 months, we are so proud to launch a brand new version of CloudAcademy.com, more neat and clean, professional and eye-candy.

Learn, Test, Do

The key concept around the rebranding is that we moved from a things-oriented approach to an action-oriented one. In the past, you used to find links to quizzes or courses. Now the point is: what do you want to do? Do you want to learn? Great, sit there and watch one of our cutting-edge courses about cloud-computing. We are crafting more of them right now, and we are looking forward to publishing them in the next days.

Are you in a testing mood? Well, start testing yourself with our good old quizzes, very same concept but with a revamped new interface which will help you to focus on what really matters: your question and your answers. After the question, the learning statement will tell you more about the topic of the question itself and help you consolidate your knowledge and your skills.

And what about doing? Well, that’s a brand new feature that will be available very soon. Hands-on Labs will allow you to actively test your knowledge doing real things in a real environment. Wondering if you know how to launch an AWS EC2 instance? Great: start the lab and test yourself in an actual AWS Console. Interested in deploying your app on GCP? Well, our lab will drive you across the whole process, allowing you to do real things, checking that you are doing the right things.

So long, and thanks for all the Decks!

One of the biggest change you’ll find around is that decks are gone for good.

They were a nice feature of our website and some of you were really fond of it, but they simply don’t cut it anymore. On the other end, we added a feature that many of you were crying out for service-based questions. If you want to challenge yourself with a specific service, say “Glacier” or “BeansTalk”, now you can focus on it only and get straight through the questions for that service. This will make your learning path more structured and will allow you to focus and what you really want.

Courses will also supply to the lack of Decks. Actually, the brand new courses we are crafting and will launch soon will be quite different, mixing videos, learning statements and even more. I’m sure you’ll like it and will give a big added value to you.

A bright future for Cloud Academy

And we are not done yet. We have a huge amount of ideas we are working on and will reveal in the future. Our mission is to give you cutting-edge content to learn and test your skills in cloud computing and to grow as a professional in the field, and we are totally committed to it. Your users are the pole star in our journey, so please share your feedback with us. We foresee a great future for Cloud Academy, and are looking forward to seeing you being part of it.

Cloud Academy