Azure App Service in action

In the real world, there are generally two possibilities for hosting your web applications or APIs in the cloud. You can follow the classic model and deploy your apps on a virtual machine, or you can go “serverless” by using a serverless platform as a service (PaaS) on a cloud platform.  Following my last blog post..

Getting started with Azure: from newbie to expert

Getting started with Azure: In my last post, I talked about my strategies for becoming familiar with the AWS cloud, from beginner, all the way to certification. In this post, we’ll focus on another of the leading cloud platforms, Microsoft Azure. As a software engineer who has worked with it for many years, I’d like..

Getting started with AWS: from newbie to expert

As an IT engineer, I believe that being successful in IT is really about being a lifelong student. Information technologies have evolved significantly over the last decade, and for those of us in the business of building and executing within these changes, it means that we must constantly learn new skills and platforms. In this..